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Nestle is the world’s leading nutrition company. This nutrition company continues to innovate with food products that provide superior nutritional benefits while offering exceptional taste. Nestle strives to improve the nutritional density of its products by including whole grains, antioxidants, Omega-3 and calcium in their product recipes. Less sugar and lower fat are objectives Nestle reaches with their products while still offering great taste. Nestle provides Nutritional Drinks, Food Thickner, and Pediatric Nutrition. Vitality Medical carries some of the best selling Nutrition Support products manufactured by Nestle, including Boost, Nutren, Novartis, Resource and NutriSource.

Nestle Top Nutrition Products

Carnation Instant Breakfast – has been replaced with the new Boost Nutrition Drinks.

Boost Nutrition Supplement Drink - oral nutritional supplement for those who need to augment their diet. Packaged in easy to store Tetra Brik cartons.

Nutren 2.0 - is a ready to use, calorie dense formula for supplemental nutrition support.

Novartis Resource - is a thickened juice that is ready to serve. These great tasting nutritional juice products are a favorite among those with swallowing disorders.

Resource Fruit Flavored Beverages - are fat free, nutritional drinks that taste great.

NutriSource - is a dietary fiber in power form that is tasteless and odorless. NutriSource can be added food, sauces, soups and drinks. NutriSource is an excellent replacement for Benefiber.




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