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My Snoring Solution

My Snoring Solution is the creator of the My Snoring Solution jaw strap. This product is the anti-snoring solution. Meant to be worn while sleeping, the jaw strap will allow a restful sleep by positioning the lower jaw upward, closing the mouth to open air passageways in the throat. While worn during sleep, the My Snoring Solution jaw strap will aid those who have sleep apnea or typically sleep with their mouth open and snore. This disruptive snore can stagger sleep patterns, create restlessness, and ultimately make one extremely tired throughout the day -- in some cases create severe health problems that can lead to death. The My Snoring Solution jaw strap will help align the mouth and airways so as to not create snoring vibrations typically caused with the mouth open. Snoring is the result of the tongue falling back towards the throat where the airways narrow resulting in an audible snoring sound.

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