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Acapella Vibratory PEP Mucus Clearance Device, 15 Liters by Smiths Medical

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By Portex
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  • adaptable to most patients
  • adjustable resistance
  • offers PEP therapy
  • airway vibratory flutter valve
Item# Description Size Price

Acapella Blue DM < 15 Liters for 3 Seconds




Acapella Green DH > 15 Liters for 3 Seconds



Acapella Blue DM < 15 Liters for 3 Seconds - Each
SKU: 21-1015


Acapella Green DH > 15 Liters for 3 Seconds - Each
SKU: 21-1530



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Smiths Medical Portex Acapella Vibratory PEP Therapy System is a Respiratory Therapy used for Breathing Therapy that combines the benefits of PEP therapy and airway vibrates to mobilize pulmonary secretions. Manufactured by Portex, the Acapella Device can be used sitting down, standing or reclined. Another benefit to PEP therapy and a vibratory valve is that it is much easier to tolerate than Chest Physical Therapy (CPT) and takes half the time of a conventional CPT session. Technically speaking, the valve facilitates the opening of airways in patients with lung disease who have secretory problems such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Asthma, or Cystic Fibrosis. The vibratory valve comes with instructions as well on how to operate the unit and optimally use it to your benefit.

Two Options:

There are two color-coded options when using the Acapella mucus clearance apparatus: blue and green. The blue model is low-flow, working less than 15 liters per minute (LPM) for three seconds, and the green model is high flow, working more than 15 LPM for three seconds. If you are unsure which model you are best suited for, we suggest consulting your doctor. Each therapy model is designed based on clinical needs. You can, however, adjust the Acapella valve frequency and flow resistance by adjusting a dial.

Portex also manufactures an unit that disassembles for cleaning called Choice. The Acapella breathing device can be easily cleaned by removing the mouth piece, rinsing with warm soapy water and letting it air dry.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Combines the benefits of both PEP therapy and airway vibrations to mobilize pulmonary secretions and can be used in virtually any spatial orientation.
  • Can accommodate virtually any lung capacity and therefore any patient.
  • When in use, the valve makes a percussing sound
  • May be used with mask or mouthpiece Nebulizer.
  • Allows inhalation and exhalation without removal from mouth.
  • Cough Assist aspiratory valve.
  • Expiratory resistance dial.
  • Incorporates PEP therapy and vibratory valve

Product Specifications

  • Product Numbers: 21-1015, 21-1530.
  • Blue model: <15 LPM for three seconds.
  • Green model: >15 LPM for three seconds.
  • Patented rocker mechanism.
  • 22 mm OD ambient end.
  • 22 mm OD patient end.
  • Manufacturer: Portex.
  • HCPCS code: E0484.
Manuals and Documents

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Smiths Medical
Brand Portex

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Economy Shipping: Guaranteed 7-10 business days

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Community Q&A

Product Questions

Will Medicare or Medicare pay for it
Question by: Jamie on Jun 10, 2016 2:06:00 PM
In an effort to keep our prices low, we do not bill Medicare or insurance companies. Feel free to contact Medicare for information about reimbursement.
Answer by: Shain Gillet (Admin) on Apr 4, 2017 12:02:00 PM
How do you take it appart to clean it?
Question by: Maria Burke on Mar 31, 2016 8:10:00 PM
There is a YouTube video which instructs the use and cleaning of Acapella Choice.
Answer by: Gay Salinas on Apr 23, 2018 4:22:41 PM
Put fingers on the ribs just forward of the mouthpiece-squeeze and pull up
Answer by: William Graul, Jr on Apr 30, 2017 9:02:17 AM
I have COPD not on oxygen yet my doctor told me there's nothing that proves they work that being said which one would be right for me I'm in the beginning stages of COPD
Question by: Joe on Jun 5, 2017 5:46:00 AM
We do not employ any medical professionals and therefore cannot make any recommendations regarding products sold on our site. We recommend speaking with your physician for a clearer answer.
Answer by: Shain Gillet (Admin) on Jun 5, 2017 8:22:00 AM
Does one need a prescription from dr. Before purchasing the Acapella? I was told you do.

Angela Beams
Question by: Angela Beams on Apr 5, 2017 12:04:00 PM
This item does not require a prescription before purchasing.
Answer by: Shain Gillet (Admin) on Apr 7, 2017 9:15:00 AM
What is the correct way to use it? I have one but I'm not sure about using it correctly.
Question by: Maria Burke on Mar 31, 2016 8:15:00 PM
We do not employ any medical professionals and therefore cannot answer any specific questions regarding this item. It's best in this case to contact your physician for a clearer answer.
Answer by: Shain Gillet (Admin) on Aug 31, 2016 3:09:00 PM
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WARNING: This product may contain chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. This product complies with all state and federal safety standards.

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Acapella green
Was disappointed to find out that Acapella green does not disassemble for cleaning.
Acapella Valve
My father has congestive heart failure and COPD. He has had a couple hospitalizations from it, the one thing that really seems to help break up the congestion is this mucus removal system. Definitely worth trying, much better than the old blow up thingie they always give you. This actually somehow vibrates the lungs.
Product works well
The Acapella works on loosening matter in the lungs well enough so that it can be brought up. You must remember to huff at the end of your exercise for it to work.
good product
great price worked great for me I love it .
The Acapella works great.
I ordered the Acapella with the lowest cost shipping and got it in 2 days. Vitality Medical was great and the Acapella works great and has really helped my problem.
life changing
This device, along with the Lung Flute, has improved my quality of life remarkably. I recommend this to friends with similar breathing problems. They experience similar improvements. My lung congestion had cleared up with use of PEP therapy where it no longer plays a part in ly life.
3 stars -- I will give it 5 stars if I can clean it!
I like the product and have used it but I am stuck on the cleaning instructions #. 4. "Lift cover by pressing forefinger and thumb along ribbed surfaces by mouthpiece. It opens to a 90 degree angle." I can't get the 90 degree angle and I am unable to clean the device.
product review
This device works very well. I suggest cleaning the mouth piece with water/vinegar (50/50). Boiling water for sterilization will melt the plastic. If you find it hard to do the suggested routine (which can cause dizziness) try percussion therapy (using cupped hands to beat on the upper back - just hard enough to vibrate the chest, not hurt!). Good luck
Works really great loosening bronchial mucous
Glad I was told of this device.
Very effective
I had a bad bout with pneumonia that left me with bronchiectasis: mucous builds up in my lungs and if I don't clear it out, it can serve as a breeding ground for infection. My pulmonologist got me started on the Acapella, and I use it every day. It does exactly what it's supposed to: shakes loose mucous so I can cough it up. My original one lasted about 10 months, but was worn out in that time. The new one works so much better I won't wait that long again. I wish it were possible to buy just the mouthpiece instead of the whole magilla.

1-10 of 19

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  2. 2
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