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Midland WR-120 NOAA Weather Radio w/ Silent Call Transmitter

By WR120
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NOAA Weather Radio



NOAA Weather Radio - Each
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What is the Midland WR-120 NOAA Weather Radio w/ Silent Call Transmitter?

The Midland NOAA Weather Radio (WR-120) w/ Silent Call Transmitter is a fully customizable emergency weather alert radio that comes with its own transmitter for users with hearing or vision loss or who are deaf or blind. This radio sounds a loud, 90 decibel siren as soon as an emergency weather event warning is issued by weather stations in the U.S. and Canada. A digital notification screen simultaneously displays the emergency event type. Flashing LED and voice alert programming options are also included.

The Silent Call Medallion Series Weather Alert Transmitter (Silent Call WT-MC) can be easily connected to the weather radio to create extra signaling for the deaf, blind, and vision- and hearing-impaired. This transmitter enhances the weather radio by sending signals to a second receiver to create tactile and visual alerts. These alerts are achieved through vibration and bright, flashing lights, such as those created by the Silent Call Weather Visual Alert Strobe Light. This strobe light alerts the deaf or hearing-impaired of emergency events. Another option is the Silent Call Bed Shaker that wakes hearing- or vision-impaired users in the night by shaking their bed during emergency events.

This Midland emergency radio includes alerts for blizzards, earthquakes, fires, flash floods, hurricanes, tornados, and many more extreme weather events. It also includes alerts for some non-weather emergency events, such as chemical hazards, food and water contamination, and child abduction emergencies. In total, this item can be programmed to alert users to more than 60 customizable emergency events. In addition, the Midland WR-120 has color-coded alert level indicators so users can quickly and easily determine the severity of the alert. Other device features include time and alarm clocks, three language setting options (English, Spanish, and French), a digital display screen, and silent programming buttons.

This Midland weather alert radio tunes in to all seven NOAA and Environment Canada Channels for instant hazard alerts. Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.) allows users to program this item for localized reception. With S.A.M.E. programming, users will only receive emergency warnings for their area. Twenty-five programmable location options are available. Despite its numerous personalization options, Midland weather radio programming is a simple and easy process.


Over Sixty Emergency Alerts


Safety Insurance Features

This item has extra safety features to ensure users know about impending weather and emergency events. While typically powered by an AC wall adapter, the item also includes an AA battery compartment. Placing AA batteries in this compartment provides backup power in case of power failure. This radio also has an alert override function that overrides system settings in cases of imminent danger. In addition, this item automatically stores the previous 10 alerts. This allows users to come back and check alerts they may have missed when they were out of their home or facility.

The Midland WR-120 NOAA Weather Radio is Public Alert-certified and recommended by the Department of Homeland Security.

Why Choose an Emergency Weather Radio?

Typical radios receive broadcast alerts, but they will only be heard if users are already listening to the radio. Only weather radios can receive 24-hour NOAA broadcasts and set off an alarm when danger is near. This is especially helpful in the event of a hazardous occurrence at night. In addition, weather radios with backup batteries allow users to rest assured they will be notified in the case of an emergency event during a power outage or if the radio is disconnected from power. Users who live in areas where extreme weather events and other hazards occur should purchase a weather radio for increased safety assurance.


Midland Early Warning


Features and Benefits

  • Weather Alert Transmitter Vibrates and/or Flashes a Bright Light
  • Instant Emergency Alerts
  • All 7 NOAA/Environment Canada Channels
  • More than 60 Emergency Alert Selections
  • Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake, Blizzard, Flash Flood, Fire, and Many More Alerts
  • Alerts Are Customizable
  • Color-Coded Alert Level Indicator
  • S.A.M.E. Localized Reception
  • Storage of 10 Previously Received Alerts
  • 25 Programmable Location Options
  • Loud, 90 decibel Siren Alert Option
  • Flashing LED Alert Option
  • Voice Alert Option
  • Emergency Backup Battery Power
  • Alert Override for Imminent Danger
  • Alarm and Time Clock
  • Three Language Options (English, French, and Spanish)
  • Digital Display
  • Silent Programming
  • Wall Power Adapter Included
  • Public Alert Certified
  • Recommended by the Department of Homeland Security

What's in the Box

  • Emergency Weather Radio
  • AC Wall Power Adapter
  • User Manual

Midland Weather Radio Instructions

How Is the Midland NOAA Radio Set Up?

  1. Locate the "ON/OFF" switch on the radio's right side. Turn the device on by switching the switch to "ON."
  2. Fully extend the radio antenna.
  3. Insert three AA batteries. Batteries are not included.
  4. To complete Midland weather radio setup, insert one end of the wall adapter into an outlet and the other end into the radio.

How Is the Midland NOAA Radio Programmed?

  1. Use the up and down arrow keys to follow the prompts on the screen. Use the "SELECT" button to choose preferences. The screen will say "WELCOME" and then "SET LANGUAGE."
  2. Press "SELECT" to set the language. Use the up and down arrow keys to select a language. Press "SELECT" to choose a language.
  3. Press "SELECT" to set the location. Press "SELECT" to set the country. Use the up and down arrow keys to select a country, state or province, and county or area. Press "SELECT" when the selection has been made.
  4. Press "SELECT" to set the time. Use the up, down, right, and left arrow keys to set the time. Press "SELECT."
  5. Press "SELECT" to choose a channel. Use the up and down arrows to tune into a channel.
  6. Press "SELECT" to set the device volume. Use the volume up and down buttons to raise or lower the volume.
  7. Press "SELECT" to complete programming.


Midland WR-120 Diagram



Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Midland WR120 weather radio reset?

Unplug the device. Hold down the weather snooze button and then plug the device back in. Re-program the settings.

How can a county be deleted from the Midland weather radio?

Push the "MENU" button. Use the up and down arrows until the screen says "SET LOCATION." Push the "SELECT" button. The screen will now say "MULTIPLE." Push "SELECT" again. Use the up and down arrows until the desired deletion appears. A hash mark will indicate the county was deleted. Press "SELECT" once and then "MENU" twice to save changes.

What is a cloning port on a weather radio?

A cloning port can be used to transfer programming data from one weather radio to another. This allows users to program multiple radios the same way quickly and easily.

How can the volume be changed on a Midland weather radio?

To set a channel's volume, first press the "MENU" button. Next, press the up arrow until the menu item "SET CHANNEL" appears. Use the up and down arrows to scroll through the channels. Tune into the desired channel. Use the volume up and volume down keys to adjust the volume. To exit, press the "MENU" button.

Why is the Midland weather radio beeping?

This radio should receive tests weekly (sometime between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. local time every Wednesday). If it doesn't receive a test within 10 days, it is programmed to beep every 10 minutes. To stop the beeping, unplug the device's wall charger and take one of the batteries out of the back. Put the battery back into the device. Plug the adapter back into the wall. This process will not affect the settings. However, the time will need to be reset.

How is the time set on the Midland weather radio?

Press the "MENU" button. The screen will say "SET TIME." Press the "SELECT" button. Adjust the hour with the up and down arrows. Use the right and left buttons to adjust the minutes. When the desired time setting has been reached, press the "MENU" button twice. The screen will say "SAVING" when this process has been completed.

Why isn't the Midland weather radio working?

The radio may be placed in a part of the home or facility that cannot receive a signal. Try moving the radio to another spot. Atmospheric inversions may also cause problems. If the radio's reception is worse early in the morning (around sunrise), it is likely due to atmospheric inversion.

How can reception be improved?

Ensure that the device is programmed and at the right frequency for the area. Next, try moving the receiver to a different area in the home or facility, particularly a room with windows. Metal within the walls of the home or facility will block reception. If these steps do not work, connect an external antenna.


Safety Made Simple



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    Product Specifications

    • Manufacturer: Midland
    • Weather Radio Brand: WR-120
    • Transmitter Brand: Medallion
    • Item Number: SC-MS-WAT-KIT
    • Application: Emergency Weather Alert
    • Channels: 7 NOAA / Environment Canada
    • Optional Emergencies: 60
    • Programmable Locations: 25
    • Storage: 10 Previously Received Alerts
    • Alert Types: Siren Alarm, Voice Alert, Flashing LED
    • Siren Volume: 90 dB
    • Power: AC Wall Adapter
    • Emergency Power Backup: 3 AA Batteries (Not Included)
    • Alarm Clock: Yes
    • Alert Level Indicators: Yes
    • Height: 5.3 Inches
    • Width: 6.1 Inches
    • Depth: 2 Inches
    • Weight: 1.83 Pounds
    • Public Alert Certified: Yes
    Manuals and Documents

    Product Videos


    Midland - Why You Should Own a Weather Alert Radio (3:27 minutes)




    WR120 Weather Radio Programming Video (8:17 minutes)






    How to Reset the Midland WR120 (1:12 minutes)



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