Men's Thigh High w- Waist Attachment

It may be often the case where men who have to wear compression stockings will need some support to keep them from bunching. Men's compression stockings with waist attachment is a design that provides that extra support by extending the garment as a single attached piece to fit over the hips. The attachment for men's compression stockings typically does not have any compression rating, but is simply a taut piece of fabric for placement support. The men's compression stockings with support offered on Vitality Medical is through several big brand names and comes in a variety of compression ratings to affect the whole leg -- great for treating post-op circulation, edema and various venous diseases of the leg. Choose from single leg and Double Leg Chaps, depending on your specific needs.

Typical Uses for Men's Compression Stockings with Support
  • Use as an alternate to thigh highs that may otherwise bunch or slip down.
  • Wear to treat just one leg.
  • Use the stockings worn under clothes for discreet appearance.
  • To treat venous diseases of the leg as a whole while sporting a men's compression stocking style.

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