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Mediven Motion Sport

Mediven Motion Sport are excellent athletic compression socks that can be used for golf, tennis, walking, or other sports. These stockings made by Mediven are made with special fabric to help keep your legs and feet dry and fight odor causing bacteria. Motion Sport Socks by Mediven are available as knee highs.

Mediven Motion Sport is the ideal for sport use due to a cushioned foot area. The cushioned zone reduces stress during jogging and other high impact activities. Motion Sport Socks also feature a flex zone that will allow the foot to bend without pinching and binding.

Knee High Compression Socks are ideal for sports wear because the compression will enhance performance for athletes. But, even if you just wear compression because you need to, Mediven Motion Sport are perfect for anyone who is active.

There is no risk in trying Mediven Compression Socks, because Mediven offers a 30 day manufacturer's warranty.

Mediven also guarantees compression ratings on their products. Even if you wear your compression sock every day, the compression is guaranteed for six months.

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