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Nursing Careers 101

Nurses work in a variety of different medical venues. Nurses are an integral part of the staff in busy hospitals and clinics, and they also fulfill important needs in schools, businesses, and in private homes. Fields of medical research also utilize the expertise of professional nurses. When considering a career in nursing, explore the different options and positions available as well as education requirements. Armed with this information, you will be able to determine whether nursing fits your interests and strengths.

Benefits of a Nursing Career

As the American population ages, health care is becoming a booming field. More people will be needing health care as they experience problems with vitality and health issues. Nurses will be an important force to deliver much of this patient care. Predicted nursing shortages translate into attractive salaries and benefits for people in this profession. Nurses will also find job opportunities in virtually any location worldwide.

Is Nursing a Good Fit?

With high salaries and attractive benefits, it may seem logical to pursue nursing. However, this profession may not be the best fit for everyone. People in the nursing profession must have a strong desire to help and serve others. This selflessness and compassion should combine with the ability to analyze situations and act swiftly. Emergencies and life-and-death situations can be common in this field, so nurses must have strong vitality and be able to respond decisively to help patients. Nurses serving on hospital staff often work long hours in stressful environments. People with young children or other time-consuming family commitments might have difficulty adhering to a demanding hospital schedule. In this situation, it might be better to pursue nursing in a different type of field, such as a clinic or a business setting.

Nursing Career Options

Numerous career options are available for people in the nursing field. People with a desire to work with children or the elderly can focus their careers on these specialties by working with children in the pediatrics field or with the elderly in a nursing home. Nurses can also pursue careers in education to teach nursing students or in clinical research. People who enjoy working with the public in local communities or on a larger scale might enjoy working in public health nursing positions. Public health nursing can be advantageous because these positions typically do not involve evening and weekend hours. Various nursing degrees are available for people studying this field, including two-year, four-year, and graduate courses of study to achieve licensing.

High School Preparation

High school students who wish to pursue a nursing career can implement these plans into their high school curriculum. Students should add as many math and science courses to their schedule as possible. Taking biology, chemistry, and physics classes at the high school level will help prepare for nursing studies at the college level. Other courses to take include psychology, speech, algebra, geometry, and foreign languages. Students should work hard to earn high grades, which will help ensure a competitive grade point average. Students might also wish to volunteer in health-related institutions to increase their experience and exposure to these settings. Volunteering may also help students become eligible for scholarship opportunities.

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