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Kids Guide to Medical Careers

Working in the medical field is a great way to help others and to really put what you learn in school to work. While we all know that doctors and nurses are jobs within the medical field, there are also many other job and career opportunities that can be explored. Each comes with its own set of unique responsibilities and rewards. So, no matter what your special skills are, there's a spot for you in the medical field. These are just a few of many that you could look into as a career option.

Athletic Trainers

Do you like being physical? Or how about helping others to do the same safely? Then athletic trainer might be a good career for you. Athletic trainers teach those who are physically active how to avoid injury and illness. They also diagnose and treat injuries in muscles and bones. Athletic trainers may be hired by schools, sports teams, or recreational businesses.

Dentists and Dental Assistants

Dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants play a major part in making sure our teeth and gums are healthy, so that we can painlessly enjoy our favorite foods. They provide dental advice, administer exams, and treat a wide range of dental issues. Dental surgeons are also important and perform complex dental surgeries when an issue has gone untreated. If you're interested in learning more, ask your family dentist about his or her job at your next routine cleaning.


Another medical profession that helps us to enjoy our favorite foods: dietitians and nutritionists. These professionals educate people on nutrition and eating for a healthy lifestyle. They work in many different capacities, including positions within school districts, doctor's offices, and many more. They could even have a part in developing healthy eating plans that affect kids and families every day through local and national healthy eating initiatives.

Home Health Aides

Home health aides are very compassionate people who come into the homes of the elderly, those with disabilities, or serious illnesses to help them live a healthy, full life. These aides may help a patient to get around their house, cook for them, help them with physical therapy, bathing, and/or administering medications. Home health aides work very closely with the elderly population to make sure they are well taken care of. They can also provide companionship; an important part of any healthy lifestyle.

Medical Transcriptionists

Medical transcriptionists are very different from many other positions within the medical field. They do not administer medical consultations, diagnose, or treat, but what they do is invaluable: they record all of that very technical information. Medical transcriptionists listen to recorded medical information and type up the files to fill patient, insurance, and medical facility records. They make sure that all of that information is correct and written with the proper terminology. If you have fast fingers on the keyboard, this is something you might be interested in.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists are medical professionals that use everyday actions and tasks to rebuild patients' skills after a serious accident or injury. They help get us back on our feet, sometimes literally, and able to carry out daily tasks needed to live a healthy life. These professionals work with virtually anyone, from children to the elderly, and anyone seriously hurt and in need of help rebuilding basic daily skills. It takes a lot of patience to be an occupational therapist, but it comes with great personal reward when one sees how profoundly they impact the people and families they work with.


Opticians work in an optometrist's office. Once the patient has had their eye exam the optician fits them for contacts and/or glasses to correct any vision problems. Opticians may also provide advice on which contacts or glasses a patient should purchase based on their specific needs.


We may not usually take the time to think about all the work that goes into filling the prescriptions that our doctors prescribe, but pharmacists play a very important role in making sure that we receive the correct medications and understand how to safely use it. They can also provide wellness screening and immunizations to the public.

Recreational Therapists

This medical career is as fun as it sounds! These professionals use play and recreational activities to help their patients get well. Commonly found working with people with disabilities, both physical and mental, or those with serious injuries, their medical plans focus on a variety of tools, including the use of arts and crafts, sports, games, and much more. Have fun and positively impact a patient through play as a recreational therapist.


Our pets are part of our family, and like our family doctor, a veterinarian helps to keep our pets and animals happy and healthy. From diagnosing, prescribing, and treating, vets can do it all. Some vets specialize in specific types of animals, such as horses, and are hired by businesses t oversee animal health and wellbeing, others may have their own practices and see all different types of animals.

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