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LeadCare II Blood Test Kit | Magellan Diagnostics

Product Highlights

  • Comes with Materials for 48 Test
  • Works for LeadCare II Analyzer
  • Provides Accurate Results in a Single Visit
  • Only Requires a Single Finger Stick
  • Accurate Results Available in 3 Minutes
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Blood Sample CLIA Waived 48 Tests



Blood Sample CLIA Waived 48 Tests - Each
SKU: 70-6762



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LeadCare II Blood Lead Testing Kit Overview

The LeadCare II Test Kit tells you how much blood is inside a patients body. Lead is a common element that is found in many things and has many useful applications. However, it's also toxic. Especially prevalant in products made before 1978, regulations have restricted the use of lead significantly. Despite this, lead is all too common. Ultimately, this isn't that big of an issue for the average individual. In fact, you'd practically need to be sticking everything around you in your mouth for lead to be much of a problem at all. Unfortunately, young children do stick everything in their mouths whether we like it or not. As lead can affect brain development, it's important to perform tests on children in case they've become exposed to lead from a source unbeknownst to parents. That's where the LeadCare II comes in. The Leadcare II can perform an accurate test of lead levels in the blood in as little as 3 minutes and only requires a localized finger stick. So, give your patients the best by using the LeadCare II


How to Calibrate

The LeadCare II needs to be calibrated before you first use your analyzer and after starting a new test kit lot. To perform a calibration test, use the calibration button included in your new test kit. Then, press and hold the calibration button to the button reader. The button should be touching the reader's center and sides. The analyzer will deliver an audible "beep" when complete. If the number on the button matches the one on the display, the machine has been properly calibrated and is ready for testing.


How to perform a test


To start, the clinician performing the test should prepare by washing their hands before donning a pair of exam gloves. Then, prepare the test area and area of finger prick by placing down an absorbent product like Simplicity's Extra Underpads beneath them.

Taking a Blood Sample

Next, clean the patient's finger with a sanitation item like a Curity Alcohol Prep Pad and allow the area to dry to allow for maximum bacteria reduction. Once dry, use a sterile lancet like an Acti-Lance to prick the side of the finger. Use a sterile gauze sponge to wipe the first drop of blood from the finger. Using a capillary tube, collect a blood sample by allowing a drop of blood to form and then touching the capillary tube to the drop. Repeat this step until the blood has filled the capillary tube up to the line printed on the tube. Wipe the tube with a gauze sponge and inspect it. The blood sample should be free of bubbles and filled to the black line. If the sample is less than the line, or forming a drop at the end of the tube, then it's not sufficient for testing.

Preparing Blood for Testing

Place the filled capillary tube inside the reagent bottle. Using one of the included capillary tube plungers, deposit the blood into the reagent. Mix the sample by inverting the bottle 8 to 10 times, the following solution should be brown.

Performing a Test

Remove a test sensor from its container and insert it, black stripes first and up, inside the machine. A beep should sound when the strip is fully inserted. After this, use one of the included droppers to draw a sample of the reagent-blood solution for testing. Dispense a drop on the "X" printed on the test strip. The analyzer will beep when enough of a sample is detected. Wait 3 minutes then record the results displayed on the analyzer screen. Discard the used test strip after the test is complete, failure to do so may result in damage to the analyzer.


The Effects of Lead on the Human Body

Lead does a lot of things body, none of them good. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) notes that someone who has been exposed to lead may experience abdominal pain, constipation, depression, forgetfulness, or become easily distracted, irritable, or nauseous. They also state that prolonged exposure to lead may cause high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, and reduced fertility. Also, the DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) have all said that lead probably causes cancer. In short, lead is not made for safe human consumption. The CDC recommends an individual follow the following steps if they hope to minimize exposure to lead.

Talk to Your Pediatrician About Exposure to Sources of Lead

Your doctor will know a lot more about common exposure to lead and can perform a blood test to check for lead levels in the bloodstream.

Get Your Home Tested for Lead

Talk with your local health department about testing your home for lead. Many homes built before 1978 used lead-based products to construct them

Wear Proper Protection During Renovation

Renovation that involves sanding or replacing windows can release dust that may contain lead into the air. Don't breathe this in, so wear a mask.

Keep Up to Date Regarding Recalls

Some toys and toy jewelry is made using lead. This is strictly illegal in the United States, but some overseas manufacturers attempt to skirt this. By paying attention to recalls, you can be on top in case lead has been found on these products.

Lead can also be found in some candies imported from other countries or traditional home remedies. Old water pipes can also contain lead (Fun Fact: The word plumber comes from the Latin word plumbum which means lead). Many people who work with or in an industry that uses lead can inadvertently introduce lead into their homes. If you work with or around the lead or lead-based products, be sure to wash your hands and clothes as soon as possible after returning from work or your hobby involving lead to prevent lead dust from being transferred around the home.


Package Contents

  • 48 Test Strips
  • 48 Tubes of Reagent
  • 50 Capillary Tubes and Plungers
  • 50 Transfer Droppers
  • 2 Levels of Control Solution
  • Calibration Button


Product Features and Benefits

  • Contains Materials to Perform 48 Tests
  • Test for Lead Levels in the Blood
  • Accurate Results in 3 Minutes
  • Provides Results in a Single Visit for Patient Convenience
  • Only Requires a Simple Finger Prick


Product Specifications

  • Item Number: 70-6762
  • Manufacturer: Magellan Diagnostics
  • Brand: LeadCare
  • Application: Blood Lead Test
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Used With: LeadCare II Analyzer


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LeadCare II Training (8:10 minutes)



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