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Liner Pads (Large Insert Pads)

How to Choose a Liner Pad

A liner pad is a lightweight absorbent piece of material with an adhesive backing that can be placed directly on the underwear. Ideal for light urinary leakage, liner pads come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, although most of them are capable of light to moderate absorbency.

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a liner pad. Depending on how much urinary leakage you experience, you may want to choose a liner pad with a higher level of polymer absorbency. If you lead an active lifestyle, a liner pad shaped for an active lifestyle may be the ideal choice for you. An ideal liner pad for an active lifestyle will be thin, discreet and flexible, allowing you to go about your regular, everyday routine with complete comfort. Tena makes several different types of liner pads that are extra-long for added protection, making them ideal for an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Several different types of brands, such as First Quality, and we also carry ultra-light pantiliner liner pads, which are designed to be completely lightweight. These lightweight pantiliners have an adhesive backing that sticks comfortably to the inside of underwear, making them the ideal pad for days when you experience light urinary leakage or incontinence problems.

Different Levels of Absorbency

Every liner pad is equipped with a different level of absorbency. A liner pad with a higher concentration of polymer will have more absorption capacity, while a more lightweight pad will have a lower concentration of water-absorbing polymer. If you experience light urinary leakage throughout the day, then a lightweight liner pad would be an ideal fit for you. If you experience moderate to heavy leakage, you should gear more towards a thicker liner with a higher concentration of water-absorbing polymer. Some brands, such as Medline, even offer liners that can be worn overnight for complete coverage.

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