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Leckey Sleepform System

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By Leckey


  • Designed to provide postural support while sleeping
  • Aligns pelvis to prevent awkward sleeping positions
  • Elastic leg and knee guides allow mobility
  • Knee roll maintains symmetrical leg positions
  • Conforms to body shape
  • Airflow mattress system encourages circulation
  • Fitted grid sheet to record positional settings
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The Sleepform System, by Leckey, was designed by researchers based on direct feedback from parents and kids. Realizing that providing postural support at night is just as important as it is during the day, the designers of the Sleepform System asked caregivers what would bring peace of mind and comfort to their child. They realized that the pelvis still needed to remain aligned at night to prevent the legs from wind-sweeping, scissoring, or frog-legging, all of which can lead to long-term damage. Proper alignment during sleep also improves breathing, circulation, and digestion. The Leckey Sleepform System has everything you need to ensure that the child remains, safe, comfortable, and aligned throughout the night.

The Sleepform System keeps the child lying in a symmetrical position throughout the night to reduce the buildup of pressure points. Maintaining the position of the pelvis is the most crucial step to aligning the body comfortably. The sleep system has cushioned hip and chest guides that cross over the body. The Sleepform System also supports unique sleeping positions such as side sleeping.

The mattress comes with elastic leg and knee guides to allow for some mobility without compromising the postural positioning. A knee roll is also included that rests behind the knees, making it easy to keep the legs symmetrically placed as the child sleeps. The mattress itself is moldable and conforms to the shape of the child for customized support. The system comes with a fitted grid sheet that allows caregivers to record the positional settings of the components. The entire set is very easy to transport and can easily be taken with you when traveling away from home.

Purchase a complete kit today. Simply choose the size you need. Complete Therapist Kits are also available in varying sizes or all four sizes. Optional accessories include an Airflow Knee Pillow, Knee Roll and Under Mattress Straps.

Features and Benefits

  • Support Symmetric Posture During Sleep
  • Reduces Build Up of Pressure Points
  • Increases Comfort
  • Transports Easily
  • Mattress Molds Around Child's Shape
  • Supports Unique Sleep Postures
  • Leg and Knee Guides
  • Cushioned Chest and Hip Guides
  • Pelvic, Trunk, Head Alignment
  • Improves Breathing and Digestion
  • Fitted Grid Sheet Records Position
  • Moldable Sleepform Mattress and Air Pump
  • Airflow Mattress Creates Circulation
  • Easy to Clean

Sleepform Regular Kit Includes:

  • Sleepform System
  • Chest and Hip Guide
  • Leg and Knee Guide
  • Air Flow Mattress

Sleepform Therapist Kit Includes:

  • Sleepform System
  • Sleepform Mattress
  • Air Flow Mattress
  • Pump
  • Sleepform Bag
  • Chest and Hip Guide
  • Leg and Knee Guide
  • Airflow Knee Pillow
  • Air Flow Knee Pillow
  • Small and Large Knee Rolls

Manuals and Documents

Leckey Sleepform System Specifications

Seat Sizes:Size 1Size 2Size 3Size 4
Age0-1 Years, Suitable for Cot1-5 Years, Suitable for Cot1-5 Years, Suitable for Single Bed5-18 Years, Suitable for Single Bed
Maximum User Weight42 lbs42 lbs76 lbs76 lbs
Sleepform Mattress37.25 x 37.25 Inches37.25 x 37.25 Inches37.25 x 37.25 Inches37.25 x 37.25 Inches
Airflow Mattress37.75 x 46.5 x 0.6 Inches37.75 x 46.5 x 0.6 Inches39.4 x 78.75 x 2.4 Inches39.4 x 78.75 x 2.4 Inches
Knee Roll5.5 x 2 x 19.7 Inches5.5 x 2 x 19.7 Inches7.7 x 3 x 35.4 Inches7.7 x 3 x 35.4 Inches
Under Mattress Straps24.8 Inches24.8 Inches40 Inches40 Inches
Cushioned Leg & Knee Guides (Circumference)5.5 - 10.8 Inches7.2 - 12.8 Inches7.2 - 12.8 Inches9.2 - 22.1 Inches
Cushioned Chest & Hip Guides (Width)4.6 x 6.6 Inches6.4 - 7.8 Inches6.4 - 7.8 Inches7 - 13.1 Inches
Cushioned Chest & Hip Guides (Circumference)13.8 - 19.4 Inches19.1 - 24 Inches19.1 - 24 Inches22 - 40.2 Inches
Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Specifications

Sizes1 - 4
ComplexityMild to Moderate
Warranty2 Years

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