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Leckey Advance Bath Chair

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By Leckey

The Leckey Advance Bath Chair is a pediatric adaptive bathing aid. It helps children with physical challenges receive a bath. It keeps children and teens safe while getting cleaned and helps protect caregivers' backs from undue strain.

Product Highlights

  • Sturdy Aluminum Frame
  • Washable Mesh Fabric
  • Anti-Skid Grip Feet
  • Adjustable Height and Positioning
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The adjustable Leckey Advance Bath Chair creates a relaxing and safe bath time experience. The backrest design makes for a comfortable position with easy to use levers to raise or lower the front and rear legs independently or achieve seat angle positions. The Advance Bath Chair is available in four sizes to span as the child grows to accommodate up to adolescence. The bundle comes with a frame, cover, safety hip belt, and chest belt to keep the child upright. The nylon mesh upholstery cover is available in three vibrant color choices of Aquamarine, Royal Blue, or Pink. The mesh is soft, breathable, and dries fast after use; it's even removable to launder when needed. Ample holes allow water to return to the tub, rather than pooling in the seat.

The frame opens, lowering the seat into the water, while the back and leg rest adjusts from fully seated to reclining. Your child can experience all the joys of bathtime, yet still be secure. You can place your child to make it easier to reach them - eliminating any need to lean down into the tub.

The structure of the Leckey Advance Bath Chair is sturdy, capable of holding up to 159 pounds, yet light enough to make it easy to transport. Made from aluminum, it is resistant to corrosion and will last for years. Anti-slip material covers where the frame contacts the tub, which holds the chair in place while in use. This material also keeps surfaces from becoming scratched.

Intended Use

The product is for children and youth who are 18 years or younger who cannot support themselves during baths or showers. It is also for those who lack mastery over the muscles due to a condition such as cerebral palsy. The product and its accessories secure the user, keeping them safe while in the tub or shower.

Additional accessories by Leckey can be added, such as lateral pads, to keep your child front and center with the help of the chest strap. For deeper tubs, the Leckey Advance Bath Chair can be attached to a stationary stainless steel Tub Stand to boost the bath chair by 8 inches in the bathtub to help the caregiver. Another option is to convert the Advance Bath Chair into a Shower Chair by adding a Shower Trolley to your order. It can be attached in just seconds when showering is the practical bathing option. The trolley and tub stand are made of medical-grade stainless steel to hold up well with exposure to water. The shower trolley also comes with locking casters for safe maneuvering.

How to Clean

Leckey Bathing Chair Pink

Leckey Chair in upright position

  1. Remove the mesh from the Leckey Shower Chair.
  2. Wash the mesh separately in a washing machine.
  3. Using a non-abrasive cloth and mild detergent, wash the frame.
  4. Rinse.
  5. Let the frame and mesh dry.
  6. Replace the mesh.

Product Warranty

  • Your Leckey Advance Bath Chair should give you years of service.
  • This product has a three-year limited warranty.
  • Improper use or using the Leckey Bath Chair in a manner that is inconsistent with its primary function will void the warranty.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Breathable, Soft Mesh Upholstery
  • Easy to Use Levers
  • Independent Leg Adjustments
  • Height Adjustable
  • Pelvic and Chest Straps
  • No Installation Necessary
  • Removable Upholstery Cover
  • Machine Washable Cover
  • Three Bright Color Options
  • Can Be Converted to a Shower Chair

What's Including in the Box:

  • Standard Frame
  • Mesh Upholstery Cover
  • Hip Belt
  • Chest Belt


  • Size 1: Built for ages 1 through 5, with a height range of 30 inches to 41 inches.
  • Size 2: For ages 4 through 9, with a height range of 37 inches to 49 inches.
  • Size 3: For ages 8 to 14, with a height range of 45 inches to 57 inches.
  • Size 4: For ages 12 to 18, with a height range of 53 inches to 65 inches.
  • *All sizes have a maximum weight limit of 159 pounds.

Leckey Advance Bath Chair Accessories

Leckey Bath Chair Adjustable Leg
Adjustable Legs
Leckey Chest Strap
Chest Strap
Chair Trolley
Trolley with Bath Chair
Leckey Bath Chair Head Support
Lateral Head Support
Pelvic Support
Lateral Pelvic Supportr
Trolley Base

Chest Strap

This strap wraps around the frame of the chair and attaches using hook and loop material. Built from the same mesh material as the chair, this accessory secures the user's upper body, keeping them upright while in the tub or shower. This adds safety for the user while freeing up the hands of the caregiver. Bathtime can be more pleasurable for all involved.


This solid aluminum frame comes with four locking casters and hooks that attach to the Leckey Bath Chair. The trolley converts the bath chair into a mobility chair, allowing you transfer the user with ease. Just push the chair and trolley by the handle on the back of the chair. When parking the trolley, simply toggle the levers located next to the casters. The frame resists corrosion and is built for use in the shower.

Lateral Head Support

This support attaches to the frame with ease using hook and loop attachments. A cushioned roll located near the outer edges of the support hold the user's head in position so that the head does not flop or fall to one side.This helps protect against sore necks and slouching to the side, making bathing faster and easier.

Lateral Pelvic Support

Attaches with wrap-around ease. The to ends fasten together by pressing them together. This strap secures the hips and keeps the user from sliding down the chair and into the water.

Tub Stand *Not Pictured

This stand raises the height of the shower chair so that the caregiver can have better access to the user without the need to bend or squat as far. This can help save strain on back and shoulder muscles. Now bathtime can be more stress-free.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Product Specifications

FabricNylon Mesh
Fabric ColorsAquamarine, Royal Blue, Pink
Sizes1 - 4
FabricNylon Mesh
Chair Warranty2 Years
Shower Trolley SizeOne Size- Fits All Advance Bath Chairs
Tub/Trolley MaterialMedical Grade Stainless Steel
Trolley Width24 Inches
Trolley Length36 - 45 Inches
Trolley Seat Height from Floor26 - 28 Inches
Tub Stand Width17 Inches

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