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Kimberly Clark Feeding Tubes

These Kimberly-Clark Feeding Tubes, now built by Avanos Medical, can be an ideal solution for those with an active life. Designed to stay put during movement, they make it easy to go about daily activities without the worry of dislodging them. A unique balloon feature makes it easy to change them out at home.

Avanos, formerly known as Halyard Health, makes various feeding tubes for gastrostomy and Jejunal needs, sold under the names of MIC and MIC-KEY.

The MIC-KEY product line includes the MIC-KEY (G Tube) Gastrostomy Feeding Tube for continuous feeding. The exposed end has ports for food, medication, and balloon control.

The MIC-KEY Bolus Gastrostomy Feeding Tube allows for a feeding schedule of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with snacks. Its ports allow for food and balloon control.

The MIC-KEY Tube SECUR-LOK Extension Feeding Set works with all the MIC-KEY feeding tubes, opening a secure connection that allows food to go in, but not come back out.

Avanos also makes low profile feeding tubes. These tubes hide beneath clothes. They have no dangling tubing to get caught. Ideal for very active people, teens, and children.

Care Instructions

  1. Clean hands thoroughly with soap and water
  2. Dry hands completely
  3. Examine the area around the stoma before and after every feeding
  4. Change any dressings that are wet or dirty
  5. Carefully cleanse the area around the stoma
  6. Examine the tube
  7. Use a soft cloth or cotton-tip applicator to clean the feeding port
  8. Rinse the tube out with water according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule

Unclogging a Tube

  1. Connect an extension set to the blocked port
  2. Fill catheter tip syringe with warm water
  3. Insert the end into the extension set
  4. Pull plunger to create suction
  5. Push plunger to create pressure
  6. Repeat as necessary

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