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Male incontinence is treated by many different products ranging from incontinence clamps to absorbent briefs. Selecting the right male incontinence product for you may be a process of trail and error. Incontinence products for men treatments may include the use of absorbent briefs, absorbent pads, incontinence clamps or absorbent pouches to retain wetness and protect against leakage that may occur throughout the day or during the night. Incontinence management usually starts with the least intrusive product. If that product does not work satisfactorily, move on to the next until you find the best match for you. Below is a short summary on each of the best male incontinence products used for managing male incontinence.


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Male Incontinence Clamps

Most men prefer starting with an incontinence clamp or penis clamp, although there are many men who are unaware that these clamps exist or how they work. An incontinence clamp allows men to self-regulate when urine is released so that they do not have to wear adult diapers or a catheter device. Incontinence clamps attach to the penis and cut off urine flow by applying pressure to the urethra. When a rest room is available, you simi ply release the pressure on the clamp and urine flows to a urinal or toilet. Incontinence clamps are designed to provide pressure at the location of the urethra, still allowing blood flow. Incontinence clamps, for most men, allow the most autonomy and freedom to control their incontinence. The best incontinence clamps based on sales include the Cunningham Clamp, Squeezer Klip, J Clamp, C3 Clamp, Baumrucker, DribbleStop and the CirClamp.

Urine Collection Pouches

Male Urine Collectors are small absorbent pouches attached to the penis. Sometimes referred to as a urine pouch, drip collector, urine sheath or dribble pouch, Urine Collectors are used to capture and contain small leaks or dribbles of urine. These small absorbent pouches are less intrusive than adult diapers or absorbent pads. Urine Collection Pouches are disposable after use and are significantly less expensive than incontinence pads or briefs. The top three selling urine pouches are the Male Urine Guard from Jackson Medical, the Acticuf form GT Urological and the Male Absorbent Pouch from Coloplast.

Male Incontinence Pads

Incontinence Pads are absorbent pads constructed specifically for men and are designed to accommodate the male body. These male incontinence pads absorb urine leaks and dribbles to protect clothing. These urine guard pads come in several shapes, sizes and absorbency levels to meet individual needs. The lighter the absorbency, the less intrusive they are and the greater the discreetness. Conversely, the greater the absorbency of the pad, the more intrusive and less discreetness. New designs offer a cup-like shape to be more comfortable for men. The Best Male Incontinence Pads by sales volume include the Prevail Male Guard Pads, Tena For Men Pads, Depend Guards, Briefmates and Sure Care Male Guards.

Male Adult Briefs

Male Adult Briefs provide greater absorbency than incontinence pads and help keep leaks from occurring around the legs. Male briefs most closely resemble male underwear for discreetness. A moisture barrier liner accompanies most male absorbent briefs to keep urine from escaping through the absorbent material. Various sizes, shapes and absorbency levels accommodate individual needs. Usually, greater the absorbency levels result in decreased discreetness

There are two basic designs for male briefs. The first are similar to diapers with either tape tabs or Velcro tabs. The Velcro or hook and loop style tabs allow caregivers to check to see if a change is needed. The tab style male briefs are useful for changing briefs for bed-ridden patients and allow changes without having to remove trousers. The second design is a brief that resembles normal underwear and does not have any tabs. Sometimes referred to as men's incontinence pants or men's incontinence boxer briefs, these pull-up type male briefs are often made with cloth-like materials to more closely resemble underwear and to offer greater discreetness. The Best Male Incontinence Briefs by sales volume include Depend Underwear for Men, Depend Flex Fit Briefs, HealthDri Men's Briefs, Dignity Men's Boxer Shorts and Prevail Boxers for Men.


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