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Invacare microAIR MA85 Alternating Pressure with True Low Air Loss Mattress

By Invacare

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Manufacturer Description
Item Number: MA85

The microAIR True Low Air Loss Alternating Mattress aids in maintaining a drier environment for users to allow the healing of stage I to IV pressure ulcers. For added peace-of-mind, audio and visual alarms signal low pressure or power outage situations.
View the Bed Rail Entrapment Risk Notification Guide
Lock out button prevents tampering or accidental adjustments
Convenient carrying strap for easy transport
Wireless auto-fowler helps prevent bottoming out
Dual layered quilted, nylon cover helps reduce friction and shear
Constant pressure monitoring helps maintain the appropriate pressure for the user
Dimensions:80" L x 36" W x 10" H
Blower - 1275 LPM
Product Weight Capacity:350 lb.
Warranty:Limited Warranty - 1 Year - Mattress, Cover; 2 Year - Power Unit

Product Videos

microAIR MA85 Alternating Pressure with True Low Air Loss Mattress Review (7:25 Minutes)

Video Transcription

The next unit in our series is the 80 series. These are true low air loss mattresses that are blower based rather than compressor based like the 60 series mattresses. Blower models are constantly running and deliver a greater volume of air to the mattress about 1200 Liters of air per minute. This is important with the true air loss mattress like the 80 series. The 80 series with true air loss are the ones you want to use for people who have severe moisture management issues. The patient may be perspiring due to fever. They may be obese. They may be diaphoretic or incontinent or the environment may be hot and humid. If a skin is resting in a very moist environment, it macerates. It absorbs too much water. That’s one of the conditions that can precipitate breakdown. Consequently, it’s more susceptible to developing pressure ulcers and you want to prevent that from happening. Low air loss works to do just that. The microAIR 80 series comes in two models, the MA80 and MA85. Both are identical except that the MA85 has on-demand alternating pressure. The mattress will arrive in a single container. The mattress will be rolled up in here and the power unit will be in a separate box. As you remove the components, you will notice how everything has been designed for ease of installation. Notice that sewn into the bottom of the mattress are carrying straps, to simplify setup and teared out. All you have to do is roll it up and carry with the handles. You don’t need a duffle bag or some other means to keep everything together. When you put it on the bed, make sure that you have the air hose on the left side of the bed that is the left side as you stand at the foot section of the bed. Undo that straps and unroll it. Notice, we do have the foot end labeled on the mattress itself, which makes it somewhat fool proof as far as how it goes on the bed. Now for the power unit, open the box, remove the operator’s manual, the power cord, and the power unit itself from the box. The blower has a filter on the back. One of the unique differences of blower-based units is they draw in ambient air so this is going to take the air that’s in the room draw it into the blower and back out into the mattress itself. This filter is here to clean the air that is being drawn in. Consequently, it has to be cleaned periodically. There's a sponge filter in her behind the protective cover that you take off. Clean it under some running water. Let it air dry and put it back on and you’re ready to go but you do want to make sure that you periodically clean it. The power unit will hang on the bed end. It has an adjustable mounting bracket on the back. Slide it out to adjust for the depth of the bed end and simply hang it on the end and cinch it up and that’s securely mounted to the bed. Once the unit is securely mounted to the bed, plug it in. And we have a 14-foot power cord that’s hospital grade and grounded. Plug it in here and run it over to the wall receptacle and plug it in. Avoid creating a trip point when you’re setting the power cord. Make sure it's routed in a way that’s not a hazard to anyone walking through the room. Also, make sure that it's not entangled in any of the moving parts to the bed itself. Now, attach the hose. It’s permanently connected to the mattress. It has a protective cover around it to prevent it from being kinked or from getting in between the mechanism of the bed itself. It’s an extra layer of protection against wear and against any type of damage. When attaching it to the power unit, make sure that you wrap it around and underneath like this. Then plug it in on the side here. To attach it to the blower, lift up this flap. The flap is there to keep out dirty debris then simply line up the two holes with the pegs that around the power unit and snap it into place, then it’s on. Notice that the connector is magnetic. It provides a very positive seal, which is very important because of the volume of air that the power unit generates. If it’s not on correctly, you'll know it right away by hearing air leaking out of it. If this hose is tilted or something, you'll know it right away. Just make sure that there are no obstructions and that the connector is sealed properly. This also serves as a CPR release. Just pull it off and the air will escape very quickly. One little trick when you’re trying to get it to separate is give it a slight tilt to break the top or the bottom seal first and it makes a lot easier to pull off. It’s a strong magnet. To further help prevent damage to the connectors, the power unit case has been designed so that the connection point is recessed behind the edge. Now it’s just a matter of inflating the mattress. On the control panel, press the power button and the max inflate button then will get it blown up. It’ll only take about a minute for an 80 series mattress to fully inflate. The nice thing about our power unit is we have this whole box insulated. As the blower is running, the sound is dampened through some padding that’s inside here making it very quiet, it makes it much nicer environment for the patient who has to have this constantly running but is trying to rest in the middle of the night. As the mattress inflates, use this tie down straps to attach the unit to the bed frame. There are ten of them, three on each side, two on the head, and two on the foot. Attach them like this. Fasten the strap around the deck section of the bed. Make certain that you go around the deck section of the bed, not the frame of the bed. If you attach the mattress to the frame, you can tear the mattress or damage the bed or both when you try to lift the front or back deck section. So make sure, you attached the straps to the movable deck sections of the bed. Lace the strap through the two loops. Separate the loops then bring the strap over the top of the first loop and lace it underneath the second loop. Pull the strap tight to cinch it down and the mattress will be secured to the bed.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Invacare
Sub Brand microAir
Ships Free Yes
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Not what i've expected
I love VitalityMedical.com price+ shipping time is super awesome.

Alternating pressure:

It does the job in the right way. would give it 10 out of
10 on the alternating matter.

True Low Air Loss:

True Low arir loss is a micro laser holes on bladders that help removing moisture and heat. This is a really important way for treating alcers.

However, that isn't the case here. This is not a true low air loss mattress at all. The bladders are not vented as laser holes at all. Instead, each bladder has 2 small holes. One in the far edge of each side, right and left. Please notice that the middle area has no vented holes at all.

.this is not helping me at all. It's too hot and my skin keeps sweating all the time. Plz not that im not using any sheet or blankent on the mattress.

Plz help me take my money back since the mattress doesn't do its job at all.
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  • LAL

1 Item(s)

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