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Invacare Knee Walkers

Knee Walker is manufactured by Invacare for ambulatory patients suffering from foot or ankle injuries. The Invacare Knee Walker provides mobility for recovering foot and ankle surgeries, lower leg stress fractures, Achilles tendon Bunionextomies, amputations, Charcot joint disease, neuropathy, and arthritis. The Invacare Knee Walker or Knee Scooter requires less energy for mobility than most walkers or crutches. This Knee Walker provides a stable platform as the ambulatory patient moves about. The Invacare Knee Walker provides the user the ability to exercise that is not found with other walkers, crutches or wheelchairs to help in the recovery process. Invacare Knee Walkers serve well as a Leg Walker and are a painless alternative to crutches or walkers. Equipped with swivel wheels, the Invacare Knee Walker is highly maneuverable. The Lightweight Knee Walker design of the Invacare Knee Walker makes this knee walker easy to handle. This Folding Knee Walker is designed for easy storage when not in use. Ergonomic hand brakes make the Invacare Knee Walker a safer mobility aid for individuals with lower leg injuries.

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