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Introducing the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser

Who Uses the Med-E-Lert™ Electronic Pill Dispenser? People who take multiple medications on a prescribed scheduled.

Why Use an Automatic Pill Dispenser?

This pill dispenser is easily programable to dispense medications on a set prescription timetable. The system has alert notifications for the user to signal that it is "pill time." A locking function helps to ensure that access to medications do not occur until it is the right moment. This device is extremely helpful for the disabled elderly to protect their health and wellbeing. It supports medication adherence to a doctor's prescribed medication schedule.


Medication Mismanagement


Tragically, 128,000 people die each year from prescription drugs. Approximately 1.9 hopitalizations occur annualy from prescription mis-dosing.1 People can mis-dose by taking too much or too little medication. Mismanaged drugs result in unnecessary hospitalizations and avoidable deaths. Missed prescriptions and overdoses waste over $100 billion in medical emergencies annually. Patient adherence rates for most medications for chronic illnesses fall in the 50 to 60% range2

The number of medications used to treat multiple conditions on top of additional pills prescribed to treat the side effects, the mountain of daily doses can be overwhelming for sick patients and overtasked caregivers. Complicated dosage schedules make it difficult to consistently be on track. With around half of all chronic patients mis-dosing regularly, what can be done to stem this tide?

Med-E-Lert Pill Dispenser ameliorates medication mismanagement. It keeps users on track and on schedule. It is an invaluable tool to manage and administer medications in the correct dose and at the precise time. Medication reminders and automatic dispensing devices simplify the administration of pills, capsules, and tablets. Preloading medications can help to reduce dosage mistakes at the time of administration. The Med-E-Lert™ pill dispenser is an advanced electronic pill organizer that locks medications from unauthorized persons and from the user until the correct time arrives for dosing.

Med-E-Lert has programmable alerts that notify the user when a medication dosage is due. This medication management system uses pill compartments in a rotating tray. As the time of administration arrives, the timer rotates the tray to allow access to the compartment with the pills designated for that period. Simultaneously, an audible alarm sounds to remind the patient that the medication is ready for administration. After the pills dispense to the user, the alarm discontinues.


How to Use Med-E-Lert Video (9:46 minutes)



Med-E-Lert Pill Dispenser offers numerous advantages over other types of medication organizers or storage boxes. The Med-E-Lert secures medication in a tamper-resistant serving tray. It withholds pills from the patient until released by the timer. This feature withholds medications from the patient if they are likely to deviate from their dosage schedule. This automatic pill dispenser features six customizable alarms and three different alarm tones. A blinking light also alerts patients visually when administration is due. The audible alarms and visual alerts stay on upon activation to promote medication compliance until the pill dispenser tilts on its side to dispense the pills or tablets.

    Med-E-Lert Pill Dispenser Advantages
  • Programmable Dispenser
  • Supports Safe Medication Dispensing
  • Adapts for Self-Medication
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Keyed Locking Mechanism
  • Six Customizable Alarms
  • Three Audio Alarm Tones
  • Visual Blinking Alarm
  • Storage for Up To 28-Days
  • Numerous Dosing Combinations
  • Suitable for In-Home or Facility Care
  • Adaptable to Nutritional Supplements
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Auto-Dispensing
  • Ease of Use


Anatomy of an Automatic Pill Dispenser

Med-E-Lert Dispenser Anatomy


Select Between Two Automatic Pill Dispensers


  • 28 Pill Compartments
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Automatic Dispensing
  • Alarm Signals Time to Take Medications

  • Contains All of the Premium Features
  • Adds 50% More Capacity


Comparing the Premium and XL Models

Med-E-Lert Dispenser Comparison



Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for both in-home care and care facilities
  • Timer and alerts help caregivers ensure medication compliance
  • Interchangeable solid and transparent covers (Premium Model)
  • Solid lid obscures contents from view (Premium Model)
  • Transparent lid allows observation of individual pill compartments
  • Three loud alarm tones that stay on until deactivated
  • May be used for organizing and administering nutritional supplements
  • With a convenient low-battery alert
  • Removable and exchangable scheduling rings signal when doses should occur



Med-E-Lert™ Components

  • Electronic Medication Dispenser
  • Both Clear and Solid Covers (XL Model in Solid White Cover Only)
  • Clear Cover Only (Premium C Model)
  • Solid White Cover Only (Premium W Model)
  • (6)Six Dosage Rings(XL Models Include (9)Nine Dosage Rings)
  • (4)Four AA Batteries
  • Metal Locking Key (Includes (2)Two Keys for XL Model)
  • Manual