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Insulin Pumps take advantage of modern digital technology to regulate blood glucose levels by delivering steady measured insulin doses or by providing a surge dose before eating. Insulin Pumps allow diabetics to more efficiently control their diabetes with a controlled and continuous flow of insulin called Insulin Pump Therapy. Many diabetes patients prefer an insulin pump over insulin injections. Diabetes patients find that insulin pumps provide more accurate doses of insulin than injections, provide fewer large swings in their blood glucose levels, and allow more flexibility about what they eat and when they eat. Many physicians and researchers find that insulin pumps more closely mimic the body’s normal release of insulin. There are a few negatives with insulin pumps; namely, insulin pumps can cause weight gain and Insulin Pump Prices can be expensive. However, most find that the advantages of using and insulin pump far out-weigh any disadvantage.

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Insulin Pumps allow people with diabetes to manage their blood sugar level with their lifestyle rather than managing their lifestyle around their blood sugar level. An Insulin Pump offers insulin in three basic methods—basal rates, bolus doses and correction doses. Basal rates deliver a continuous amount of insulin. Usually the continuous amount differs when the diabetes patient is sleeping or awake. A bolus dose is provided my pressing a button on the insulin pump to provide an additional amount of insulin while eating to compensate for the increased carbohydrate intake. A correction dose can be delivered by the insulin pump to bring a high blood glucose level down to the patients target range.

Insulin Pumps can be worn by attaching to your waistband, pocket, belt, bra, garter belt, sock or underwear. These Insulin Devices are small in size and lightweight. A small, flexible tube, called a catheter, runs from the insulin pump to a needle that is inserted through the skin into the fatty tissue. The catheter is held in place by an adhesive tape. Individuals participating in sports may want to remove their insulin pump for the period that they are involved in the sporting event. Vitality Medical carries the Best Insulin Pumps as well as Insulin Pump Supplies and Insulin Pump Accessories.

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