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Inova Labs

Inova Labs develops medical equipment for Respiratory Conditions. Inova Labs’ mission is to help respiratory patients stay active and sleep well. Headquartered in Austin Texas, Inova Labs is an innovator in the development of Oxygen Concentrators to assist Oxygen Therapy patients. Inova Labs’ newest oxygen concentrator is the LifeChoice Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC). The LifeChoice POC features unique Auto Mode and PULSE-WAVE™ Technologies and has been approved by the FDA for use by patients 24/7. The LifeChoice Portable Oxygen Concentrator is also FAA-approved for in-flight use. Click on the link below for more information about Inova Labs advanced technology.

Inova Labs Auto Mode Technology

Auto Mode is a technology which automatically senses the oxygen requirements of a patient and adjusts the device to operate in an Active Mode as well as a Sleep Mode. In Active Mode, the LifeChoice POC provides oxygen to address the short and frequent breath patterns which are typical for a mobile patient. In Sleep Mode, the LifeChoice POC provides oxygen to address shallow and prolonged breathing while at rest. During Sleep Mode, the on-demand trigger to deliver oxygen is 10 times more sensitive than during Active Mode to detect changes in the patient’s respiration rate at rest

Inova Labs Pulse-Wave Technology

PULSE-WAVE provides oxygen congruent with the patient’s normal inhalation rate so what is delivered, is received. In addition, this approach minimizes retrograde airflow so patients report fewer side effects such as nasal irritation and nose bleeds. PULSE-WAVE Delivery along with Auto Mode are the reasons why the LifeChoice POC can be used during sleep when other POC’s are not effective.

Inova Labs LifeChoice Portable Oxygen Video (1:00 minutes)

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