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Impotence | ED – Erectile Dysfunction – Impotence Therapy – Impotence Treatment

Impotence is common, affecting millions of men daily. It is often triggered by long-term illnesses, e.g., diabetes, age or neurological disorders that damage nerves. These conditions impair blood flow to the penis, preventing men from achieving and/or maintaining an erection. However, impotence -- often referred to as erectile dysfunction or ED -- can be successfully treated via ED Pumps for Men.

Which ED Treatment is right for Me?

Men frequently turn to ED Vacuum Pumps and Tension Rings to either achieve or maintain an erection as these items are relatively inexpensive, non-intrusive (used externally) and generally reliable. Tension Rings are used by men who have difficulty maintaining an erection; vacuum pumps are used by those who are unable to obtain an erection. Depending on the severity of ED, a man may choose to solely use a Tension Ring or use it in tandem with a vacuum device.

Tension Bands:

Tension Bands (also referred to as tension or penis rings) are used by men who can achieve, but not maintain, an erection. Often consisting of skin-friendly silicone gel, tension bands are placed around the base of an erect penis. This helps prevent blood from flowing out of the penis back into the body, helping maintain an erection.

Tension Band Shopper Tips:

  • Single- and multi-use tension bands are available.
  • Tension bands are available in varying sizes and tension levels to help men coping with varying levels of ED from mild to severe.
  • Tension rings are available individually or in kits for those unfamiliar with sizing or tension levels. Kits often include a loading ring to assist with usage.
  • Vitality Medical provides an online Tension Band sizing guide.

ED Pumps For Men:

Often referred to as vacuum therapy, ED Vacuum Devices are used by those unable to achieve an erection. Boasting a success rate greater than 90%, ED Pumps for Men consist of a plastic cylinder and a manually or battery-operated pump. As the pump is actuated, it creates a negative seal (vacuum effect) that draws blood into the penis from the body, creating an erection. Tension rings may then be worn around the base of the penis to maintain an erection.

ED Vacuum Pump Shopper Tips:

  • Manual pumps are typically operated via plunger or lever; electric pumps are battery-operated.
  • Select models have optional cylinders to accommodate varying sizes of anatomy.
  • Price and features -- as price rises, so do features. Higher-end penis pumps may come with an array of tension rings, carrying cases or other items.
  • Vitality Medical offers several ED Pumps for Men at different price points to suit all needs and budgets.

If you have any questions about our impotence treatments, call +1-800-397-5899 or email at: [email protected]

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