Inogen Oxygen Concentrators

Inogen Inc., took root in 2001 after beloved Grandma Mae was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The prescribed oxygen therapy supplies were heavy and restrictive -- Mae had to carefully plan every outing according to her oxygen supplies.

Mae believed the oxygen therapy status quo needed to be challenged.

This inspired three entrepreneurial college students to establish Inogen with the goal of helping Mae -- and the millions like her -- regain independence. The trio sought to develop innovative respiratory products, including high-performance oxygen concentrators that eliminate heavy oxygen tanks and other supplies.

Today, Goleta, California-based Inogen has technologists, clinicians and healthcare professionals driven to continue developing innovative, all-in-one home oxygen therapy solutions.

A Smarter Solution:

In addition to portability, the latest in respiratory healthcare and science has guided the design of Inogen's American-made Oxygen Concentrators. In fact, Inogen One Concentrators have earned several accolades and market firsts, such as being among the very first FAA-certified to fly.

Inogen Oxygen Concentrators feature exclusive Intelligent Delivery Technology. This delivers oxygen within the first 400 milliseconds of inspiration, where oxygen has the most effect on lung gas exchange. Inogen's Intelligent Delivery Technology adapts to changing activities for proper oxygenation. As such, the manufacturer claims its devices are clinically validated to provide the necessary oxygen for most ambulatory users during all daily activities and sleep. The company has a library of peer-reviewed journals and independent testing results that validate the efficacy of its products.

Since the very first Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator went to Grandma Mae in October 2004, these devices have continued to advance respiratory and oxygen therapy by challenging the status quo.

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