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Hoyer Lifts Overview

Hoyer Lifts are respected in the medical care industry for their quality and functionality as Transfer Aids. Manufactured by Joerns, Hoyer Patient Lifts are used to safely lift individuals from a floor, bath, bed, or chair. Hoyer Patient Lifts provide caregivers Lift Help for a safer method to transition patients from one position to another. This safety is for both the patient and the caregiver. There are several Electric Hoyer Lifts to choose from and two manual Hoyer Lifts--Hoyer Manual Hydraulic Lift and the Hoyer Advance Professional Lift. The Hoyer Advance Professional Lift also comes in a battery powered electric lift.

The Electric Lifts include the compact Hoyer Elevate Lift with a 440 pound capacity, the very popular Hoyer Statute Lift with the highest height lifting range and a working weight of 500 pounds, the Hoyer Presence Lift with a weight capacity of 500 pounds but the lift itself weighs only 88 pounds, and the lightweight Hoyer Advance Lift with a weight capacity of 340 pounds. Hoyer Lift warranties range from 1 to 2 years, depending upon the lift selected.

In addition to Hoyer Patient Lifts, Joerns also manufactures Hoyer Lift Slings for use with the lifts. These lift slings include the Hoyer Single Patient Disposable Slings, the Hoyer Professional 4-Point Sling with Poly, Padded, Mesh and Comfort Pad options, and the Hoyer Professional Slings with Quick Fit, Full Back, and Access options.

Hoyer Lifts

Hoyer Lift Selection Options:

When selecting a Hoyer Lift, Hoyer recommends that the purchaser consider the following items listed below:

  1. Comfortable to the patient?
  2. Appropriate head and neck support?
  3. Less stress on internal organs?
  4. Alleviates the patient's fear of being moved?
  5. Ability to comfortably stay suspended if necessary?
  6. How many caregivers does it take to safely move a patient?
  7. Are there assembly requirement?
  8. Minimizes the loss of dignity and privacy?
  9. Allows the patient (if able) to control their posture?
  10. Allows you to sit at the diner table with your family?

The answers to these questions make the Hoyer Brand very hard to beat. For additional informtion about the right Hoyer Lift for you call Vitality Medical at 800-733-5797.

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