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Hollister Incorporated

Hollister is among the most respected brands in the medical industry used in both hospital care and homecare with a presence in over 90 countries. Hollister Ostomy Supplies include several different types of products including Ostomy Products, including One Piece Ostomy Pouches, Two Piece Ostomy Pouches, and Skin Barriers. Hollister manufactures a complete line of urinary supplies like Catheters, Intermittent Catheters, Touchless Catheters, External Catheters and leg bags. Hollister produces skin care products such as skin cleansers, barrier ointments & creams, and skin lotions. The company makes cutting edge Wound Care Products, including Cleansers & debriders, alginate dressing, foam dressings, hydrocolloid dressings and silver dressings.

Vitality Medical carries tube fastener products and Apogee Catheters. Another popular product includes adhesive products. Each of these products are backed by a manufacturer you can trust. Check out our selection of products today and give us a call if you have questions.

Other brands can be found at the following Vitality Medical links: urinary supplies, ostomy supplies, skin care and wound care.

About The Company

The company behind Hollister ostomy supplies is an independently-owned global corporation that develops, manufactures and markets medical products, servicing over 90 countries. From the earliest days of their company, there has been a strong sense of community. That connection is embedded in the very fabric and as they continue to develop new products, they are focused on meeting the healthcare needs of people throughout the global community.

Hollister product line-up includes several different types of medical products. The ostomy products and more specifically the feeding tube products and catheters. Other popular products include leg bags and also wound care products.

Hollister's mission statement

The company dedicates itself to be a company which looks outward to the needs of healthcare professionals and the people they serve. This dedication is based on our mission: to help healthcare professionals deliver better services through making life more rewarding and dignified for those who use Hollister supplies. By listening to our customers and those they serve, we will gain a better understanding of the needs which we can best satisfy. This will lead us to improve present products and develop or acquire new and unique products inevitably face the cycle of growth, maturity, and decline. Hollister services will be of superior quality and backed by our policy of unconditional customer satisfaction. Hollister will work together by focusing on the process of filling these needs, through cooperation, effort, and creativity. Hollister Medical Supplies will form strong relationships with our suppliers and distributors, and with the communities in which we work. Hollister will judge behavior in every phase of our business by how it helps us better serve our customers. Hollister believes that the ethical way is the only way to conduct our business. Hollister has the unique advantage of building on the solid foundation of "quality products, quality service, quality employees," a legacy of our founder, John Dickinson Schneider. Hollister is pledged to maintaining an independent company—employee-owned—and, to that end, will continue to manage our company as an internally financed and profitable business. By living each day by our mission, Hollister will grow and prosper as a company and in the process, become better human beings.

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