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GoGirl is a brand of FemMed, Inc., of Minnetonka, Minnesota. GoGirl offers women a Urinal Device that is economical and disposable. Beginning in January of 2009, GoGirl has manufactured and distributed this Female Urinal that allows women the opportunity to stand while urinating. Founded by Sarah Dillon, research for the Go Girl brand began 6 years before this urinating device was launched to get things just right. Offering a better design, a small and discreet size, and a feminine look, the GoGirl Urinal meets the needs of women golfers, climbers, hikers, campers, off-road vehicle enthusiast, the military and long-distance travelers the same latrine advantages of men.

GoGirl manufactures and distributes the GoGirl Female Urinal. Although disposable, this female urinal may be reused. The GoGirl allows women to take bathroom breaks while standing. The GoGirl Urinal is ideal for women who are traveling, camping or enjoying outdoor activities that do not provide adequate sit-down restroom facilities. GoGirl Urinals are made from medical-grade silicone, allowing women the same benefits that men have in terms of restroom usability.

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