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Gauze Bandages

Gauze Bandages are used to help keep a wound clean while still allowing air to ventilate the bandage and skin and help the wound to heal. The woven fabric nature of the bandage is what makes it effective in ventilating. It also makes it absorbent which is useful as it helps prevent excess moisture around the wound site.

Gauze bandages come in many sizes and types. They can be used on wounds where the infection is already present and in the process of treatment. They can be combined with topical medicines for such purposes. Gauze has been around for centuries and is very affordable. There are many variations of gauze types for different purposes. Some are multi-layered while others are more simple. Whatever you're looking for, there is likely a type of gauze to suit your needs.

We offer a variety of medical gauze. If you're looking for a thinner bandage we carry Low Ply Gauze Bandages. Alternatively, if you need something a little more heavy duty, the Bulky Gauze Bandages are a great option.

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