Foam Dressings — Polyurethane Foam Dressing, Hydrofiber Foam Dressing

Foam Dressings for wound care, including polyurethane foam dressing, Hydrofiber foam dressing, Cutnova foam dressing, Lyofoam foam dressing, Covaderm tape foam dressing, hydrocellular dressing, sacral dressing and Biatain dressing. Discount foam dressings for medical care you can order online today! Foam Dressings are made of highly absorbent material and are often made of polyurethane foam. In general, foam dressings use a cover dressing and tape to secure it in place. Some foam dressings are waterproof with an adhesive border and do not require a cover dressing. Foam dressings do not stick to wounds or leave a residue and are sometimes used for heavily draining wounds.
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