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FDI is a brand of crutches that offer a sleek ergonomic design and better function. Boasting the most lightweight crutches available, FDI offers three advanced forearm crutches that are a cut above the competition. These FDI crutches are the ErgoDynamic and the OptiComfort. These lightweight crutches have locking height adjustment, fold up crutch design for travel, and a more customized fit for individual needs. FDI is aligned with the SmartCrutch Company, offering high tech crutches that are easy to use and comfortable to operate. Below are two video that demonstrate the greater utility and comfortable use of the FDI crutches.

FDI ErgoDynamic Forearm Crutches Video (1:39 minutes)

FDI ErgoTech Forearm Crutches Video (1:05 minutes)

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