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Disposable Underwear

Disposable undergarments feature tear-away sides that allow for easy removal, as well as a high degree of leak protection. When choosing disposable garments it is important to consider different components such as absorbency, material, moisture-wicking, and size. Protective underwear is a good compromise between Incontinence Pads and Briefs. Typically undergarments are recommended for those with moderate incontinence, though your individual circumstances may vary. For additional incontinence protection, you will want to look for products with a pad or shield. If you are looking for a discreet, comfortable protection option, throw-away underwear is a great choice for you.

Most Popular

Prevail Per-Fit Men Protective Underwear Extra Absorbency by First Quality

  • Cloth-like Fabric
  • Easy Pull Up Design


Budget Friendly

TENA Comfort Pant

  • Designed For Men and Women.
  • Washable: Up to 50 Washings with Proper Care


Best Features

Attends Premier Premium Overnight Protection Underwear

  • Immediate Absorbency
  • Provides 8 Hours of Odor Protection


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Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Protective Underwear

There are four attributes that determine the quality and characteristics of this line of products. You can follow the links to learn about each:

  • Absorption
  • Wicking
  • Backsheet Material
  • Size

Aside from the above-mentioned ideas for choosing the best product possible, customers must also remember that there are several other situations that go into choosing the right product for themselves. Mobility, Activity and age are all important factors when deciding which protective undergarment to purchase.

Mobility - One key factor in purchasing is whether the person is mobile. Things to know about their mobility is whether or not they stand or sit often and how long a person is doing either. Many of the protective products Vitality Medical has, such as disposable underwear will work well for mobile customers. Non-mobile customers can enjoy many of the other products available.

Activity - An active person needs as much protection as a homebody, and choosing the right product is just as critical as the amount of activity being done by the person wearing them. While medium-stressed activities such as running or golfing aren't recommended, light activities such as leisure walking or casual bike riding will work well with any product chosen. A good product for active women is Depends for Women, while a recommended product for men would be the TENA Mens Super Plus.

Age - While the majority of patients wearing a protective brief are geriatric, youth-aged persons may also need protection for many reasons. Vitality Medical has as many protective options available for youth as we do for geriatric people, making the decision process a little easier for the customer.

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