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Diabetes Misc

Diabetes Care products are both useful and convenient items to help you manage diabetes. Vitality Medical provides one-stop shopping for a variety of items you may need including specialized dietary aids, skincare, footwear, and helpful storage products for insulin and sharps disposal.

Storage and Accessories: Tracking blood glucose levels regularly is important and having a Carry Case can help organize supplies. It's also handy to use a diabetic organizer when you're running errands or traveling. Organizers keep insulin cool and contain all the related diabetic supplies need in a neat and compact organizer. This can provide peace of mind having these supplies close by and in a safe place.

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Diabetes Nutrition: Consuming snacks and drinks that won't spike your blood sugar is important. Choose from nutritional products with balanced proteins, carbohydrates and fats to manage carbohydrate intake.

Skin Prep & Skin Care: People with diabetes are prone to dry skin from loss of fluid from the body removing excess glucose from the blood. Dry skin turns into itchy and even cracking skin if left untreated. Keep skin hydrated before infection sets in using products created specifically for individuals with diabetes like Diabet-X Skin Therapy designed for serious skin conditions. Also, keep fully stocked with alcohol swabs to make sure injection site is safe and hygienic.

Diabetic Socks: Purchase socks and compression wear from leading diabetic footwear manufactures such as Dr. Comfort and Jobst. Diabetic socks help with circulation problems common with people with diabetes. These socks are made with fabric that wicks away moisture and control bacteria to protect sensitive skin.

Insulin Sharps Disposal: Having a disposal system for lancets and syringes is an important and safe practice for individuals injecting insulin regularly. The Needle Disposal System is one of many disposal vessels available that's portable to provide a convenient disposal.

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