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ConvaTec began business in 1978 and is now a publicly traded company. They manufacture a host of medical supplies for hospitals, nursing homes and homecare. With four major categories of products, ConvaTec presents caregivers and patients with medical products that meet the needs of millions. With a worldwide presence in more than 100 countries and over 8,500 employees, they have created innovative products and offered unique services that enhance patients’ lives.

Product categories include Ostomy, Wound Care, Continence Care and Skin Care. The ConvaTec brands include:

  • Aloe Vesta for Incontinence Cleansing.
  • Stomahesive, which includes paste, powder and skin barrier strips and sheets.
  • Visi-Flow, which includes irrigation supplies, such as stoma cones, and irrigation sets.
  • Sensi-Care, which includes skin care products, such as barrier creams and adhesive removers.
  • Sur-Fit, which includes two piece ostomy systems: pouches and skin barriers/wafers.
  • Natura, which includes two piece ostomy systems: pouches and skin barriers/wafers.
  • Little Ones, which includes pediatric pouches in one and two-piece systems.
  • Esteem Synergy, which includes one and two piece pouch systems.
  • Esteem, which includes one-piece pouch systems.
  • DuoDerm, which includes several types of wound dressings, wound paste and wound gel.
  • AllKare, which includes skin barrier wipes and adhesive remover wipes.
  • ActiveLife, which includes one-piece pouches.

ConvaTec products have been recognized and continue to be formidable competitors in the global marketplace. The ConvaTec success has come from the 3 pillars upon which their company is built:

ConvaTec's strong and solid heritage.

ConvaTec Inc is proud of their strong tradition of innovation and creative problem solving. It is this legacy of ingenuity and invention, combined with a gift for compassion that allows ConvaTec to find extraordinary solutions to the healthcare problems confronted by ordinary people in their daily lives.

ConvaTec's passion for improving people's lives.

ConvaTec has a passion for making more personal victories possible. It's what drives everyone at ConvaTec onward in their quest for improving wound, skin, and ostomy care. ConvaTec considers themselves agents of positive change. Whether reducing the risk of infection, restoring dignity, or hastening the return to a former lifestyle, ConvaTec is committed to challenging the status quo.

ConvaTec's Vision of what can be.

At ConvaTec, they expand the boundaries of the expected in search of intriguing new solutions—and problems. They are constantly imagining new ConvaTec products that will help caregivers do their jobs even better. ConvaTec is committed to exploring more and better ways to enhance patients’ lives.

In addition, ConvaTec offers educational patient support through their Me+ program. By registering for this program, patients are eligible for samples, educational videos, and access to an ostomy nurse for questions and concerns regarding their ostomy products.

ConvaTec Video Featuring How To Measure Your Stoma (0:45 minutes)

ConvaTec Healthy Peristomal Skin Video (1:55 minutes)

ConvaTec – How To Use Eakin Cohesive Seals Video (0:37 minutes)

ConvaTec – How To Use Stomahesive Paste Video (0:22 minutes)

ConvaTec Using a Natura Wafer with Moldable Technology Video (1:33 minutes)

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