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Coloplast External Condom Catheters

Coloplast External Condom Catheters are available in several variations. There are silicone catheters like the Freedom Clear and the Clear Advantage that are transparent. The Coloplast Conveen Optima External Male Catheter is self-adhering silicone external catheter. There are some natural latex options as well like the Gizmo that offers very flexible material that fits snug and comfortable.

Quick Links to Information and Guides

How to Choose to Correct Product - finding the right catheter to meet your needs.

Indications - What conditions merit using a catheter?

Contraindications - What conditions oppose the use of a catheter?

Sizing - How to determine the correct size.

Application - How to put on an external catheter.

Removal - How to take an external catheter off.

Complications - List of possible side effects.

Troubleshooting - Quick steps to solve common issues.

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