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Cloth Tape

Cloth Tape comes in many sizes and materials. It can be used to wrap gauze or other bandages and hold them in place. Cloth tapes are very flexible with makes them conform to irregular or bumpy shapes much easier than traditional cloth medical tapes. They are also often made to have a certain degree of stretch which allows them to adjust to motion or expansion of areas of skin. Unlike a non-adhesive cloth tape, adhesive cloth tape is specially designed to be adhesive with skin so that it will stay in place in spite of all the natural oils and sweat.

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Like any tape you do need to apply some pressure to get it to adhere effectively to the desired surface. However, cloth tape is generally made to be very sticky and requires only light pressure to apply it correctly. Because of the stickiness of cloth tape, care should be taken when removing it to minimize discomfort and irritation. When the skin is high-risk or delicate (as in the case of burn care patients) and needs to be treated with extra care it is recommended to use a tape like Hy-Tape Zinc Oxide Tape as it has been specifically engineered for delicate situations like this. If you're looking for a cloth bandage tape for general purpose use, the Nexcare Durable Cloth Tape is an excellent choice.

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