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CEP Andy Potts

CEP is a line of compression garments designed for athletes of all types. CEP uses gradient compression for nearly all of their high grade products -- many of them aimed at creating more efficient leg circulation during and after workouts, training, and competition. Compression wear is not just for treating diseases of the leg. CEP utilizes compression to amp up muscle performance by helping the veins and arteries move blood through the extremities and dampening the muscle vibrations when under high impact, whether it is while running, playing ball sports, or hitting moguls on a downhill course.

CEP athletic compression gear is made event specific. CEP compression sock designs are made specific for runners, triathletes, skiers, snowboarders, golfers, and equestrian riders. CEP also offers arm sleeves and other specialty wear to help protect, streamline, and effectively enhance the athletic experience whether the athlete is training or competing. CEP is worn by a number of renown athletes that include triathlete champions, marathon winners, and Olympians who benefit from the effects of athletic compression and recovery wear.

CEP is a line of athletic compression socks offered through the company MediUSA. This is a unique line of compression gear that is aimed solely at enhancing athletic performance and recovery. MediUSA employs the knowledge of more than 60 years of being in the compression garment business and aim to provide products with the most accurate compression.

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