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Candles and Accessories

Candles can be used to for a multitude of reasons. From aromatherapy candles to herbs and other incense, there are several ways to use a candle other than just to provide lighting in a dim area.

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Mosquito Repellent: Today's candles are able to do more than ever before. Some provide the simple solution of lighting an area in a room. Others may provide a scent that surrounds the room, allowing you to relax with the scent of your choice as you take care of chores or other to-do's around the house. For those working outside and in a moist environment, insects are often a pest. A candle such as the Bite Lite will help keep the mosquitoes away, offering coverage of up to 100 feet so you'll remain relatively bug free. Other repellents available at Vitality Medical are for pets, however, other accessories will be available soon.

Delivery Methods: On top of filling a room with light, candles have been upgraded over the years to include scents on top of becoming a repellant for insects. Several other candles will be available so you can fill your room with a scent that will relax you, offering piece of mind as you move throughout the day.

A larger selection of other supplements and accessories will become available shortly, offering you more than just a repellent for mosquitoes.

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