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B2B Commercial Accounts Program

Are you looking for a supply chain partner that offers outstanding value, competitive pricing and great service? We can be that partner. By working with over 1,000 leading manufacturers, we make it possible to pass along large discounts for all of your wholesale medical supply purchases.

  1. Who Can Apply for a Commercial Account?
  2. Does a Commercial Account Get Charged Sales Tax?
  3. Can a Commercial Account Also Use Special Offers on the Website?
  4. To Qualify for Commercial Accounts Pricing, Do I Need to Establish Net 30 Terms With Vitality Medical?
  5. When Does Vitality Medical Charge My Credit Card?
  6. Does Establishing a Commercial Account Give Me Net 30 Terms?
  7. How Do I Apply for Net 30 Terms?
  8. How Do I Apply for a Commercial Account?

We serve as a medical supplier for a variety of industries. A few of our B2B customers include:

  • Physician Offices: exam gloves, stethoscopes, scales, furniture, table paper, gauze, dressings, tape, sharps containers, sponges, wedges, splints and more.
  • Schools: fitness gear including balls, foam rollers and therabands; dietary products such as Boost and Pediasure; first aid products, including Band-Aids, splints, gauze and more.
  • Hospitals: continuous passive motion (CPM) equipment and kits; scar care and wound management products, clean room supplies, adhesives, and adhesive removers; bedside products, such as IV poles, feeding pumps, DVT pumps, overbed tables and more.
  • Nursing Homes: patient transfer boards, transfer slings, dietary supplements, grab bars, bedside commodes, bed rails, overbed tables, adaptive eating utensils and incontinence supplies.
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Stores: walkers, rollators, elevated toilet seats and other bathroom safety products; wheelchairs and accessories, such as tires, tubes, cushions, covers, and backs; hospital beds and mattresses.
  • US Military and US Government Agencies: variety of supplies required by prisons, VA hospitals and more.

Ten Great Reasons to Choose Vitality Medical as Your Medical Supplier

  1. We have an expansive medical supply and equipment catalog.
  2. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  3. We offer nationwide distribution.
  4. You'll get rapid quote/order processing.
  5. We're a great back-up to your existing GPO or supply chain relationships.
  6. We offer competitive pricing.
  7. You'll have a dedicated Commercial Accounts support team.
  8. You'll get incentives for bulk/volume purchasing for orders over $750.
  9. You can submit orders online, via email, fax or phone.
  10. Even if it's not in our catalog, we'll do our best to get it for you.

Who Can Apply for a Commercial Account?

At Vitality Medical, we are able to offer commercial accounts to any established business with a location, government registration number, and a license. If you meet those conditions then we can offer you commercial account pricing on bulk orders.

Does a Commercial Account Get Charged Sales Tax?

Yes, unless you provide Vitality Medical with a current Sales and Use Tax Exemption Form/Resale Certificate for the state in which you operate. If your business operates in multiple states, you can also provide Vitality Medical with a multi-state Uniform Sales & Use Tax Exemption/Resale Certificate. Forms/Certificates can be emailed to your commerical account representative or to Vitality Medical's account department at [email protected].

Can a Commercial Account Also Use Special Offers on the Website?

Our website is mainly designed for consumers, and any special offers, discounts, and/or coupons featured on the website may not be used in combination with commercial (bulk) pricing discounts offered to commercial accounts. As a general rule, special bulk pricing will offer a greater value than promotions available on the website.

To Qualify for Commercial Accounts Pricing, Do I Need to Establish Net 30 Terms With Vitality?

Special commercial (bulk) pricing is offered independent of payment methods. Many businesses prefer to use their corporate credit cards as a cost management tool, and we accept virtually all credit card types.

When Does Vitality Medical Charge My Credit Card?

Vitality Medical follows a common practice in the online industry to process a credit card at the time an order is taken (which is legal and considered a "pre-payment"), which then queues the order up for reserving inventory and subsequent shipping. For a credit card transaction, your bank does an authorization hold (or reserves) the dollar amount of the transaction at the time of the transaction; however, this will not be finalized until the transaction is settled when funds are transferred to Vitality Medical.

Does Establishing a Commercial Account Give Me Net 30 Terms?

Establishing a commercial account does not automatically qualify you for Net 30 terms. Vitality Medical extends credit to:

  1. US companies/organizations who we consider to be serious partners that have been in business a minimum of five years, have over $10 million in annual sales, who anticipate $1,000 or more in monthly sales volume, with minimum single order size of $300, and who have a low risk D&B report. We also require a current credit card on file to deal with contingencies. Net 30 terms are extended to qualifying companies/organizations that submit a completed and signed Vitality Medical credit application.
  2. US Military, US Government agencies, or Public Educational institutions.
  3. Vitality Medical will gladly accept Purchase Orders for single orders of $300 or greater, and encourages the use of government purchase cards for lesser amounts.

Note: personal guarantees are not required for Fortune 5,000 companies, government, military or public educational institutions.

To Apply for Net 30 Terms

To apply for terms, simply Download our Credit Application and email it to [email protected].

How Do I Apply for a Commercial Account?

There are four easy ways to apply for a commercial account.

  1. The fastest, simplest and most accurate way is to just use our website:

    First, add your items to cart.
    Add Supplies to Cart
    Then, copy the items to a quote form.
    Copy to Quote
    Lastly, submit the quote request.
    Enter Quote Order Specifics
  2. Call us at 800-397-5899 and ask for the commercial accounts department.
  3. Send us your official RFQ/RFP form. Simply fax your form to 801-733-5797 or email it to [email protected].
    • Include the Vitality Medical Item Numbers
    • Include the Desired Quantity of Each Item Number and Unit of Measure
    • Include Both Billing and Shipping Addresses
  4. Complete our Quote Order Form and fax it to 801-733-5797 or email it to [email protected].

Don't delay. Sign up with a top-notch wholesale medical supplier today!