B2B Commercial Accounts Program



Vitality Medical Commercial Accounts (B2B Sales)

VitalityMedical.com is the source for discount B2B Medical Supplies. When searching for bulk quantities or making wholesale purchases, prices for business-to-business medical supplies and bulk ordering do not display on Vitality Medical's Website. B2B pricing requires a mercantile quote from the Commercial Accounts Team who then provides deep discounts to B2B, commercial accounts, and bulk orders to qualifying businesses and organizations. Our experienced team has years of experience in quoting medical equipment and supplies for bulk purchases. An assigned account representative will help approved businesses with ongoing bulk medical supply purchases. The representative not only provides friendly and personalized support, but they also work hard to source hard-to-find products and certain high-demand items for their customers. When looking for a supply chain partner that offers outstanding value, competitive pricing, and great service, Vitality Medical offers exceptional value with relationships extending to more than 1,000 leading manufacturers and specialty distributors. These relationships and agreements allow Vitality Medical to pass along significant discounts for wholesale medical supply purchasing.


Vitality Medical Commercial Accounts Team

The B2B Sales Team serves to help with sales, sourcing, and support!

Wiley Dangerfield, [email protected] (800-397-5899 ext. 378)

New Commercial B2B Inquiries: Contact Wiley Dangerfield
Current Commercial B2B Accounts for New Orders or Reorders: Check for sent by name on Quote; or Sales Representative name on your last order.
Educational Institutions: Wiley Dangerfield
Government Agencies: Wiley Dangerfield


Examples of Approved Business-to-Business Accounts

  • Airline Industry
  • Ambulance / EMT / Fire Departments
  • Chiropractic practices
  • Clinics
  • Clinical Research Facilities
  • Courts, Governmental Entities & Municipalities
  • Cruise Ship Companies
  • Dental Practices
  • Detention Facilities
  • DME/HME providers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Health, Wellness & Fitness Companies
  • Hospitals
  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • Manufacturers
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Medical Practices
  • Military
  • Nursing Homes / Elder Care Facilities
  • Nutraceutical Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Pharmacies
  • Physical Therapy Clinics
  • Police Departments
  • Post-Acute Care Facilities
  • Prisons / Corrections Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Sports Medicine Practitioners

    Top Ten Reasons To Choose Vitality Medical For B2B Wholesale Medical Supplies

    1. Vitality Offers an Expansive Medical Supply and Equipment Catalog
    2. A+ Rating With The Better Business Bureau
    3. Nationwide Distribution
    4. Rapid Quote and Order Processing
    5. Competitive Pricing
    6. Dedicated Commercial Accounts Support Team
    7. Provide Incentives for Bulk Volume Purchasing for Orders $750 and Greater
    8. Easy Order Submittal Options via Online, Email, Fax, or Phone
    9. Responsive Team to SOurce Items Not in Inventory
    10. Customers With an Existing GPO or Supply Chain Can Always Use a Backup


    How to Obtain a Price Quote

    Vitality Medical does not have a wholesale price list or offer a tiered or quantity pricing. However, discounts are available by submitting a written quote request. E-mail a quote request to: B2B Wholesale Price Quotes.

    A valid quote request must include the following items:

    • SKU number, size (each, pack, box, case), and quantity
    • Contact information; name, company, email, and phone number
    • Complete billing address information
    • Complete shipping address information
    • If applicable, attach a PDF copy of the sales tax exemption certificate
    • A member of the B2B department will contact you with your quote information


    Business-to-Business Disclaimers

    B2B Discounts based on bulk orders are for internal distribution or sales through a proprietary marketing channel. Vitality Medical and most manufacturers prohibit the use of Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Sears, and similar 3rd party retail sales channels for B2B products. Bulk order discounts are available by written quote only.

    Coupons and other promotional offers found on the Website are not valid when combined with a quoted price. Quote prices are subject to change without notice, given the highly volatile costs currently associated with pandemics, national crises, or adverse supply chain dynamics.

    Sales Tax Exemptions will be set for businesses or organizations that provide Vitality Medical with a PDF copy of a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for the state or states (multi-state certificate) for the shipping address.

    Direct Drop Ship to Customer can be set up where Vitality Medical, Inc. ships directly for the B2B customer. The packing slip will not have any pricing but will show the item number and quantity shipped.

    Purchase Orders with net 30-day terms is ONLY available to governmental entities, public educational institutions, and publicly funded health care facilities. All others will require payment at the time of purchase.


    How Quotes Are Converted to an Order

    The Vitality Medical supplies B2B portal will send a quote via email to: B2B Portal Wholesale Quotes. Direct any questions to the assigned account representative found in the body of the quote.

    How To Accept A Generated Quote

    • Click on the ORDER button found within the body of the quote to pay online.
    • Directly call the assigned account representative and place an order over the phone.

    Post-Order Information

    Once the order is complete, the customer will automatically receive an email containing the order number. Please allow a full business day for the automated tracking email. The handling of all post-sales support calls will take place by the Customer Service team at 800-397-5899. Provide the order number for the team to assist with any questions, including product shortages, damaged products, or incorrect products received. Vitality Medical provides notification emails in the event of product delays due to an unforeseen backorder or weather-related shipping problems.

    If applicable, send a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number or a copy of the prescription if the item is drop shipping to a patient.

    Reorders direct all reorders to the assigned commercial medical supplies account representative.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Who can apply for a commercial account?
    Vitality Medical offers commercial accounts to any established business with a location, government registration number, and a license. When meeting these conditions, commercial account pricing is available on bulk order medical supplies.

    Do commercial accounts get charged sales tax?
    Yes, send the Tax Exemption Form/Resale Certificate for the state or multi-state Uniform Sales & Use Tax Exemption/Resale Certificate. Forms or certificates can be emailed to your commercial account representative or to Vitality Medical's Accounting Department.

    Can a commercial account apply special offers or coupons offered on the website?
    No, the special bulk pricing offers deeper discounts of greater value than the promotions offered to general consumers. For this reason, special offers, discounts, or coupons featured on the Website are not valid in combination with commercial (bulk) pricing discounts.

    Do commercial accounts automatically get Net 30 terms?
    No, an application process is required. More information is found below.

    What requirements are needed to receive Net 30 Terms?
    Net 30 terms extend to qualifying U.S. military, U.S. government agencies, and public educational institutions upon submission of a credit application. Application approvals occur for entities that exhibit a low-risk Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) report, have a business history for at least five years, have over $10 million in annual sales, anticipate $1,000 or more in monthly sales volume, and complete a single order minimum of $300. Vitality Medical requires a current credit card on file to deal with contingencies. There is no requirement for a personal guarantee from a Fortune 500 company, government, military, or public educational institution.

    When does Vitality Medical charge a credit card?
    Vitality Medical follows the standard industry practice of processing a credit card at the time of the order. This type of transaction constitutes a "pre-payment" and triggers the order to reserve the inventory and subsequent shipping. For a credit card transaction, the customer's bank does an authorization hold (or reserves) the dollar amount of the transaction at the time of the transaction; however, this does not finalize the transaction until the funds transfer to Vitality Medical's account.

    Does Vitality Medical accept other forms of payment?
    Vitality Medical will gladly accept Purchase Orders for single orders of $300 or greater for approved accounts and encourages the use of government purchase cards for lesser amounts.

    Any order over $10,000 will require a wire transfer.