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Body Up Evolution Transfer Lift Chair (IN STOCK!)


By Veziris Healthcare
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  • 4 in 1 lift chair
  • stainless steel construction
  • commode chair - transfer chair - transport chair - bath chair - shower chair
  • lightweight but strong and durable
  • safe lifting & transfer
BU1000 Body Up Evolution Transfer Lift Chair BU1000

Capacity 220 lbs.


BU2000 Body Up Evolution Transfer Lift Chair BU1000

Capacity 308 lbs. (heavy duty)


BU-03 Body Up Evolution Transfer Lift Chair BU1000

Accessory: Stabilization Straps


BU-09 Body Up Evolution Transfer Lift Chair BU1000

Accessory: Comfort Cushion


BU-05 Body Up Evolution Transfer Lift Chair BU1000

Accessory: Commode Cushion



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  • Capacity 220 lbs.
  • Accessory: Stabilization Straps
  • Accessory: Comfort Cushion
  • Accessory: Commode Cushion
  • Price: $207.35


Body Up Evolution Patient Lift Chair offers a safe means to transfer patients. Designed as a 4-in-1 medical transfer device, the Body Up Evolution Heavy Duty Lift is constructed of stainless steel to serve as an all-purpose bath chair, commode chair, indoor wheelchair or car transfer chair. The Body Up Evolution transfer lift chair can be used with the Commode Cushion (BU-05) to use as a commode chair. A soft Comfort Cushion (BU-09) can be used to convert the chair to a transport wheelchair for indoor use. Another accessory is the Body Up Transfer System Stabilization Straps (BU-03) used for patient safety. The stabilization straps keep the sling cushion attached to the body of the sitting patient.

Body Up Patient Lift can be used to transfer patients by a manually lifting mechanism that employs a simple hand crank to hoist the patient from the surface they are sitting on into the lift chair. The chair requires no electricity or batteries. The transfer chair limits the after sales service calls and associated fees common to most lift chairs. It's waterproof construction makes it a perfect commode or bath transfer chair for patients. Listed below are some key uses for the Body Up Evolution Mobile Patient Lift Transfer device.

The Body Up frame cover is removable and machine washable. The transfer sling is hand-washable and is made of waterproof polyester. This multi-functional aid provides a safe lift and painless descent to help prevent injuries to the patient as well as the caregiver.

Body Up Evolution Mobile Lift Transfer Chair Features & Benefits

  • Multi-functional patient lift and transport wheelchair
  • Constructed with high quality stainless steel.
  • Offers safe patient lifting.
  • Provides safe patient transfers.
  • Requires no electricity or batteries.
  • Lightweight.
  • Disassembles into 3 separate pieces for easy storage and transport.
  • Requires no muscular strength to operate.
  • Reduces stress to patient and caregivers.
  • Limits “after sales service” calls.
  • Provides safe descent and painless lift.
  • Special gears and levers make the lifting and descending procedure simple and easy.
  • Physical strength is not a requirement for using the Body Up Evolution Patient Lift/Transport.
  • Requires low maintenance and it is easy to clean.
  • No need for a battery.
  • Its light construction allows you to carry it with you in the car.
  • Raises patients from the bed with ease and dignity.
  • Designed to lift patients from the bed while their body maintains its natural sitting posture.
  • Easy to fold into two pieces to transport.

Transfer Chair Specifications

  • Product Numbers: BU1000, BU2000, (BU900 - special order only).
  • Length: 34.7 Inch.
  • Width (outer): Adjustable 27 to 31.7 Inch.
  • Seat Width (inner): Adjustable 18.5 to 22.5 Inch.
  • Base Width Adjustments: 24 to 28.7 Inch.
  • Height, Floor to Arm: 40 Inch.
  • Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity
    • BU1000: 220 lbs.
    • BU900: 220 lbs.
    • BU2000: 308 lbs.
  • Wheel Size: 4 Inch Casters, (3 Inch Casters for BU900-special order only).
  • Construction: Stainless Steel.
  • Color: Blue.
  • Transfer Sling: Waterproof and hand-washable.
  • Base and Back Support: Detachable.
  • Latex free.
  • Non-returnable hygiene item.
  • Manufacturer: Veziris Healthcare.
  • Brand: Body Up Evolution.


Body Up Evolution Lift Accessories
  1. Stabilization Straps (BU03) - provide additional stability to patients who require additional support. With a design similar to automobile seat belts, these straps have a quick release button. Patients stay safely centered in the sling when these stability straps are properly used.
  2. Comfort Cushion (BU09) - designed for patients who use the lift as a wheelchair or for long transfer periods. This cushion is made with a polyurethane gel layer and additional foam for a more comfortable experience.
  3. Commode Cushion (BU-05) - offers patients easy access to toileting, bathing or showering. Manufactured with silicon gel, the seat is comfortable and allows patients to use the toilet without leaving the lift.


Manuals and Documents




Warranty and Product Liability

This transfer lift chair is guaranteed by Veziris HealthCare and becomes effective on the date of purchase
1) Frame and wheels - 5 years.
2) Gear - 1 year.
3) Transfer (canvas) seat - 1 year.
4) Straps-1 year (with proper usage, explained in user’s manual).
5) Pads - 1 year (with proper/regular cleaning).
Only original equipment and accessories should be used. When neglect and/or repairs through non authorized persons occur, any guarantee of the lift and its components are rendered invalid.
Product liability on the part of the manufacturer (Veziris HealthCare - M&E Veziris OE, Iraklitou 119-121, Halandri, Athens) is excluded in these cases.


Transfer Lift Chair Utility


Bath Chair

  • Constructed with high quality stainless steel that makes it water-resistant.
  • Safely lift and descend patients to and from the bath tub.
  • The Body Up Bath Chair makes bathing easier and safer.
  • No more "bed baths".
  • Bathing works best with either the standard sling (included) or with the Commode Cushion accessory

Commode Chair

  • Using the toilet is made easy.
  • Easily install the accessory commode chair cushion to convert to a commode chair.
  • Toileting works best with the Commode Cushion accessory.

Indoor Wheelchair

  • After raising the patient, use as an indoor wheelchair or as a sofa on wheels!
  • The external width can be extended for a comfortable transport chair.

Vehicle Access

  • Makes vehicle accessibility more feasible than ever.
  • Compatible with most vehicle types.
  • No need for car-modifications, it is adaptable to most vehicles.
  • Vehicle transfers work best with the Comfort Cushion accessory.



Product Videos (3 videos)


Reviewing the Body Up Lift Transfer Chair Video (3:41 minutes)



Safely Lift and Transfer Mobility Patients (6:02 minutes)



Using the Patient Sling with the Lift (1:25 minutes)



Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Veziris Healthcare
Ships Free Yes
Community Q&A

Product Questions

Does insurance covers this item
Does the Body Up Evolution lift roll on carpet safely ?
Will it lift patient to sit in SUV? Specifically Jeep Grand Cherokee. Does Medicare cover any of the cost? Can they be rented? Thank you.
What is the delivery time?
Are the gears and levers replaceable should they break?
Do you have a 30 day trial period
Hi!!!! I want to know if this chair includes accessories or it's only a seat?

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Not suitable for elderly, despite their video
I was very intrigued by the videos that I found on YouTube showing the BodyUpEvolution. Unfortunately, I was so intrigued that I didn't notice the models were actually able-bodied actors, or the brief video cut-away at critical junctures during the patient-transfer. This was a very expensive mistake on my part and my goal is to educate others to save them from buying this piece of equipment because it is NOT RETURNABLE.

My mom has Alzheimer's and has zero upper body strength. She is unable to sit up on her own. It takes 2 people to move her to a sitting position, and then, she needs to be held up.

The BodyUp requires the patient to have the ability to sit, unassisted while the Caregiver fastens the seatbelt straps from the seat. My mother would slump and the BodyUP was completely un-usable for our situation.

I could see this device being great for a healthy young person, who suddenly lost the use of his legs; but for an elderly person with health issues and who isn't able to sit on the side of the bed, it is useless. Seriously--I now own a $2,000 paperweight with this device.

To further frustrate me, I contacted the manufacturer, which is in Greece. Yes, American Consumers, you will be assisted via email, in broken English that is run through Google translator. Initially, the company didn't respond to my emails, and only reached out to me when I posted a negative review of their product on a YouTube video. It took them several weeks to correspond with me in broken English, back and forth...and their bottom line was: 'too bad'.

After this debacle, I ended up buying a Drive Medical Hoyer Lift for under $400 on Amazon, and it's working exactly as we need. I encourage you to save your $$ and just get the Drive Medical Patient Lift, and forget about this device....unless your patient has very strong muscles and is able to participate in the transfer.

  • Requires the patient to participate in the transfer
  • Awkward position for the patient as you crank them up or down, no support in the front or back and patient must have strong core muscles to balance themselves, customer service from the Greek manufacturer, that the device is not returnable
Great product - almost
Everything worked great, then I tried a transfer to a car. I had noted a review that it would not work with taller vehicles, I have a Camry so I did not expect a problem - wrong. The car sits too low, I'm unable to fully insert the Body-Up into/under the car, the passenger comes down on the outer edge of the seat, not a safe spot for someone with back issues. Will require 2 assistants for a safe transfer. Luckily we have a second car with higher clearance.
  • In house use
  • Specs do not state minimum vehicle clearance height
  • simple, good construction
  • Vehicle transfer issues
Slightly disappointed
Absolutely love this in the apartment to move my sister who has limited use of body, but does not work well to get her into a Grand Caravan the seat on the lift is slightly shorter than the seats in the van. with her being unable to assist this was disappointing
  • eases back pressure
  • does not work well with taller vehicles
Good Purchase
I read the reviews to help make my decision. I'm glad that I made this purchase. The body up is so easy to use and worth the cost.
space saver
If you've used a patient lift, it's a big pain. This chair got rid of our lifter and our shower chair. It's nice not to have to keep all that in the bedroom.

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