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Bluechip Medical

Blue Chip Medical Products manufacturers therapeutic support surfaces, medical mattresses, low air loss mattresses, alternating pressure mattresses, alternating pressure pads, lateral rotation mattresses, mattress overlays, therapeutic foam mattresses, gel mattress overlays, static air overlays and water overlays. Blue Chip Medical makes wheelchair backs, wheelchair cushions, positioning cushions, anti-thrust cushions and pressure redistribution bariatric mattresses. Serving adults, pediatrics, geriatrics and bariatrics, the Blue Chip Medical Corporation provides products for all kinds of medical patients. The focus of BlueChip product development is on quality and clinically viable products. With worldwide distribution, Blue Chip Medical Products Inc offers affordable products for clinics and individual patients.

Blue Chip Medical Products Inc is headquartered in Suffern, New York. The manufacturing for BlueChip is also located in Suffern. Respected in the medical supply and medical equipment industries, the Blue Chip Medical Company offers a host of products to help support the lifestyle and comfort of medical patients. From therapeutic support surfaces, to mattress overlays to seating and positioning cushions, Blue Chip offers recovering patients more comfort and less pain while recuperating from surgery or an while dealing with a chronic illness. Blue Chip Medical Products are found in many clinical care and home care settings.

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