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Traveling With An Ostomy Bag

By May 5, 2015 3455 Views

Once you have become used to living with an ostomy bag, the daily life routine becomes easier to handle. Traveling with an ostomy appliance however, might require special care and attention, on an entirely new level.

If you are planning to travel, there are some important tips you need to keep in mind, to ensure a hassle free and comfortable traveling experience.

Ostomy Preparation At Home Ostomy Bag Drainable

You will be denied the right to carry a pair of scissors during travel, therefore it is important that you prepare before hand to avoid any inconvenience later. Make sure that you pre-cut all the ostomy pouch bags while at home. With no scissors allowed in your carry-on luggage, it will be difficult for you if you are not prepared beforehand.

Be Packed And Ready With Ostomy Supplies

Make sure that you have ample amount of ostomy supplies for your trip. Also, it is very important for you to pack these supplies, both in the carry-on as well as the checked luggage. Never pack the supplies in only one place.

Keep Your Ostomy Prescription At Hand

It is a good idea to have a written prescription from your physician with you at all times. Also, have your doctor write a statement which advocates the use of a private area or room, in case there is an extended search at customs in the airport.

Have Medical Details In A Foreign Language

When you travel to a foreign country, it is important that you have all your ostomy case details written in the foreign language. You can seek help from different member associations of the International Ostomy Association, for translating the details of your ostomy condition. They can also help you to procure supplies easily while within a foreign country.

Opt For Guided HelpTransparent Ostomy Bag

There is a book titled "Yes We Can", which offers a number of useful hints as well as traveling advice, with an entire dictionary that contains ostomy terms that have been translated to a number of different languages. You can use such a book to become familiar with the obstacles that you might face and the best solutions.

The book also contains critical contact information of worldwide resources, along with a small statement that outlines the request for a privacy search in 11 different languages.

Carry Helpful Equipment Explanatory Material

One thing that you can do is keep the usage instructions or work details of your personal care products with you at all times. You can carry copies of the equipment usage and instruction pages from different catalogues, to make it easier to explain the working of your different personal care items to security authorities, if necessary.

This will help you to prove your need for those products, and also inform the concerned personnel of the actual need for the equipment that you carry around with you. You will be able to avoid lengthy discussions and long hassles that are usually a part of the entire search procedure.

By following these tips, you will be able to enjoy a hassle free, comfortable and enjoyable trip, without worrying that your ostomy bag will be bothersome in your traveling adventures.

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