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Preventing Fall Injuries: Tips and Protective Products

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Medically Edited and Reviewed by Dr. Erin Zinkhan MD, BSBE

Updated: 06/23/2019

Are you or a loved one at risk of suffering from injuries due to falls? Many people have a high probability of suffering a major or minor injury when they are unable to retain their balance. Because of prior critical medical conditions, some people are fragile enough to experience intense discomfort from even short falls.

What is the solution for preventing fall injuries? Reducing the risk of your parents or grandparents falling and hurting themselves may feel daunting. It is not possible to keep an eye on them all the time, and some seniors require special assistance due to their fragile health. Even fulltime caregivers are unable to be immediately next to someone, who is at risk of a fall injury 24/7. But the one thing you can do to make sure that you or your loved ones are protected from the effects of a dangerous fall is to devise a suitable course of action!

This course of action should have two steps. First, prevent falls from occurring, and second, use injury minimizing products to reduce injuries.

Tips To Avoid FallsNon-Slip Socks

If you want to save yourself or a loved one from the fall injuries, there are a few effective tips that you can follow to make sure that the risk of a fall is minimized. Here are a few tips:

  • See your medical practitioner: Discuss all the medications that you are taking, both prescribed and over the counter, with your doctor. Your doctor might instruct you to stop taking some medications or to take alternative medications to decrease the chance that the medications or their side effects could affect your balance and increase the chance of falling.
  • Exercise: Instead of a vigorous workout session, opt for gentle physical activity, which would increase your strength, flexibility, and balance, thus reducing the risk of a fall.
  • Footwear: The right footwear is of critical importance if you want to avoid any injuries due to falls. Choose sensible comfortable shoes, not floppy slippers or high heels.
  • Clutter: Remove clutter from the floor and ensure proper lighting. Make sure that the house floor is uncluttered. Remove newspapers, plant stands, or unnecessary rugs that may become an obstacle course. Use non slip mats in the bathrooms, and ensure proper lighting in staircases, corridors, and in the other rooms of your house.
  • Non-slip socks and non-skid socks: These types of socks help decrease falls that result from slipping on the floors of your home. Special gripping treads are positioned on the soles of non-skid socks to prevent slipping. Fall management slippers help you maintain balance.
  • Hipsters Fall Management Briefs

  • Walking canes: These canse are very useful to help maintain balance and to support weakened joints and muscles.

Products That Help Prevent Fall Injuries

While the above tips will reduce your chances of having a fall, there are certain products available which safeguard against a major injury resulting from a fall. These products are often categorized as Fall Protection Products.

Hipster briefs are great for preventing fall injuries. Hipster briefs help buffer any injury from a fall to the hip with the use of foam inserts to cushion the hip. Hipsters help to protect old injuries and safeguard against suffering from a new one. Floor cushions, cushioned bathmats, super poles, and motion sensor lights help you complete your product arsenal to prevent any injuries from falls in the future!

Padded floor cushions placed beside beds and bathrooms can also prevent or reduce injuries that result from a fall. These strategically placed cushions can be positioned where falls are most likely to take place. The extra padding can be just enough of a cushion to soften a fall and prevent a serious injury. Many of these cushioned mats also help prevent slipping.

Fall Management Floor Cushion

By following the above tips and using appropriate products to decrease injury from falls, you can help safeguard yourself and anyone else from an injury due to a fall.

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