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Continence Care Tips

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Medically Edited and Reviewed by Dr. Erin Zinkhan MD, BSBE

Updated: 08/02/2019

If you have urinary incontinence, then here are a number of highly effective tips you can use to ensure quality continence care. Incontinence should not stop you from living life to the fullest. Take care of your urinary incontinence by observing these effective health tips. Some tips for continence care include the following.

Some tips for continence care include the following:

Eat The Right Diet

Certain foods and drinks can irritate your bladder. Avoiding them can improve your urinary continence. Artificial sweeteners, spicy foods, and beverages with caffeine, alcohol, or carbonation are examples of irritating foods and drinks.

Ensure Proper Fluid Intake

The proper intake of water throughout the day may improve your urinary continence. Drinking water at regular intervals prevents concentrated urine levels, which can irritate the bladder. A healthy bladder is an important factor for continence.

Lose Weight To Relieve Pressure

If you are overweight, the extra pounds might be exerting pressure on your bladder. This pressure contributes to incontinence. Weight loss will help to relieve the pressure on your bladder.

Abstain From Smoking

Smoking can cause you to cough. Coughing increases pressure on your bladder, which can worsen stress incontinence. Cigarette smoke also can irritate your body and your bladder.

Exercise and diet can help you be continent.


Kegel exercises can strengthen women's pelvic muscles around the bladder outlet, called the urethra. Strengthening these muscles can improve control over your bladder.

Organize A Schedule

Organize a schedule for your daily visits to the bathroom. Start with regular and frequent visits to the bathroom for a few weeks. Gradually, increasing the time between visits to the bathroom may improve control over your bladder.

Chart Continence Patterns

It is a good idea to record your urinary and continence patterns. Tracking your urinary patterns will help your doctor make the right diagnosis. The pattern will help your doctor recommend the most appropriate therapies, tips, and diet changes to help with your incontinence.

Educate Yourself About Your Health Condition

Educate yourself about your incontinence. Find credible information about what incontinence is, what the common types of incontinence are, and how incontinence is diagnosed and treated.

Seek Professional Help

Don't be embarrassed to consult a doctor about incontinence. Incontinence is a health problem, which affects people of all age ranges. Proper diagnosis can help you handle the incontinence more effectively. If incontinence continues despite treatment with diet and exercise, there are other options besides just diapers and mattress underpads, especially for men. Your medical practitioner may recommend muscle exercises, medications, or surgical procedures to help you manage your incontinence.

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