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Traveling with a Disability

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Wheelchair Mobility and Travel

After a long winter, millions with physical disabilities or long-term illnesses are eager to get out of town -- or the country. With just a little planning, bringing along an oxygen therapy device, special medicine or mobility aid is a breeze. Planning will also make your trip that much more enjoyable because you will have the same wellness and mobility that you do at home.

First Things First: Know Before You Go

Beyond financially planning for contingencies like a minor mishap or gotta-have-it impulse purchases, ask your hotel the right questions ahead of time:

  • Will my room be wheelchair accessible?
  • Is there a working elevator?
  • Does the pool area have a lift?
  • How wide are halls and door entries? Will a wheelchair or mobility scooter fit?
  • Is there a working ice machine to keep medicine cool? Are rooms available with mini-fridges for sensitive medication?
  • Ask your pharmacist what medicine alternatives are available if heading overseas -- just in case. Also, budget in the costs in case insurance won't cover expenses abroad.

Make a checklist of pertinent questions and avoid the siren song of discount rooms online -- do your homework and call before booking!

Let's Get Packing

Walking Cane Seat

Lay out your medicines and make a daily dosing protocol list to stay on top of them -- especially if traveling through multiple time zones in one day. Do you use medication that requires multiple accessories like insulin? The right kind of pouch, such as Medicool's Dia-Pak Deluxe Diabetic Travel Bag, has thoughtful features to help you organize up to two weeks' worth of supplies. Don't forget to pack items, such as the LifeScan Logbook Diabetic, that help you maintain a proper regimen despite the rigors of travel.

Hit the Road, Jack

The oil's been changed, wiper blades have been checked and the fossilized French fries have been vacuumed out -- the car's ready to roll; right? Maybe, but a few economical items will make the most of every road trip. Stander's Automobility Solution, for instance, features a clever swivel seat that enables occupants to twist and pivot in/out of a car. The kit also includes a handle that mounts tool-free to a vehicle's door latch for additional stability during vehicle ingress/egress.

Between convenience store pizza and 64-ounce fountain drinks, sickness and gotta-go moments can strike anyone -- at any time. Keep your vehicle's interior pleasant and sanitary with conveniences such as a Car Sick Kit with a special bag that locks in odors or NuHope's Travel Urine Collector that aids ostomy and catheter users when rest stops are few and far between.

By Air

Major U.S. airlines are very sensitive to passengers traveling with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator. However, there are a few guidelines they, and we, like to remind passengers of:

  • Battery life -- Oxygen Therapy patients must have a battery life that is equal to 1.5 times (or 150%) of the scheduled flight time. This ensures that portable oxygen concentrators have power for unexpected delays or diversions.
  • Ask, ask, ask -- Before booking, call your carrier's customer service division to ask about special protocols they may have for on-board oxygen concentrator use.

If traveling internationally, Vitality Medical advises you to check with us or your machine's manufacturer about overseas usage because this may void the factory warranty. Select machines may not be compatible with European- or Asian-market power outlets and may require an additional adapter or alternative plans if overseas usage is impossible.

If taking your oxygen concentrator on the road or overseas isn't a possibility, Vitality Medical has a rental program that supports your wanderlust. Several different brands are available and dedicated Oxygen Concentrator Specialists will provide support and oversee shipping logistics.

Drive Medical Portable Wheelchair Ramp

All Roads Lead to...

Several clever mobility accessories support all travelers, provide stability and discreetly tuck away once you reach your destination.

Visiting a relative without a ramp? No sweat! A travel-ready wheelchair/scooter ramp from Drive Medical will put everyone at ease, protect your host's home and let you focus on visiting. Several innovative walking aids out there help you make the most of tours, museums and gallery strolls. These include Medline's Folding Aluminum T-Handle Cane that cane that folds into a compact, ready-to-store unit when you reach your destination. Another handy item is Mountain Properties' Elite Walking Cane that features a fold-out seat with three legs for stability, making sure you always have a place to rest.

Spring's arrival means you'll likely be off to see dads and grads, so make sure you're ready. A little planning ahead of time means a physical disability or illness won't stop you from enjoying our big, beautiful world!

To a life full of Vitality!

Paul Garcia, Author

Vitality Medical
7910 South 3500 East, Suite C
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
(801) 733-4449
[email protected]

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Continence Care Tips

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If you have urinary incontinence, then there are a number of highly effective tips you can use to ensure quality continence care. An incontinence problem should not stop you from living life to the fullest. You should and can lead a productive life, enjoying with friends and family. All you need to do is to take care of yourself by observing some effective health tips, and you can lead a healthy and happy life with no problems.

Some tips for continence care include the following:

Eat The Right Diet

You need to avoid all food and drink items which irritate your bladder. Avoid artificial sweeteners, spicy foods, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, along with carbonated beverages.

Ensure Proper Fluid Intake

For some individuals with incontinence, the best solution may be proper intake of water throughout the day. Drinking water at regular intervals prevents concentrated urine levels with reduced irritation to the bladder. A healthy bladder is always an important factor for continence.

Lose Weight To Relieve Pressure

If you are overweight, then the extra pounds might be exerting pressure on your bladder. This pressure adds to your incontinence condition and causes inconvenience. Lose some weight to relieve the pressure on your bladder.

Abstain From Smoking

Smoking can cause you to cough which can set off your stress incontinence symptoms, presenting a possible leakage problem. Moreover, the smoke itself can also irritate your body to invoke an irritable reaction in the bladder as well.

ExerciseExercise and diet can help you be continent.

It is a good continence care tip for women to try out Kegel exercises in order to strengthen your pelvic muscles. It helps to improve the control over your bladder.

Organize A Schedule

You need to organize a schedule for your daily visits to the bathroom. Start out with regular visits to the bathroom for a few weeks. Gradually, increase the time interval for visits to the restroom to improve control over your bladder.

Chart Continence Patterns

It is a good idea to record your continence patterns. This will enable you to inform your doctor about your urinating and leakage patterns and ensure the right diagnosis. The pattern will aid the medical practitioner to recommend various tips and diet changes, which can help you deal more easily and effectively with your incontinence problem.

Educate Yourself About Your Health Condition

If you want to ensure better control over your incontinence problem, then it is essential that you have basic knowledge about your current health condition. Try to acquire credible information about what incontinence is, what are the common types of incontinence, and how it is possible to diagnose and deal with your incontinence problem.

Seek Professional Help

Don't be embarrassed to consult a doctor about your condition. Incontinence is a health problem which affects both the old and the young. Proper diagnosis can help you deal with the incontinence more effectively. If incontinence continues even with diet and exercise, there are other options besides just diapers and mattress underpads, especially for men.

Your medical practitioner might recommend some exercises, medication or a surgical procedure to help you deal with your health condition. It is best to work according to the professional guidance of your medical doctor.

Burt Cancaster, Author

Vitality Medical
7910 South 3500 East, Suite C
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
(801) 733-4449
[email protected]

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