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Personal Protective Equipment

10 Best Nitrile Exam Gloves

By December 15, 2020 3791 Views

The Top Best Nitrile Exam Gloves comparison and rank order, including Curad, Halyard, Skintx, Shadow, ProWorks, Microflex, Pulse, and Periwinkle. The best nitrile gloves for sale by Burt Cancaster. Nitrile gloves are a reprocessed version of latex gloves. The glove material is a compound of synthetic materials that are chemical-resistant, puncture-resistant, and offer durable wear. The list below rank orders the best nitrile exam gloves. These products are the most searched on the Internet by brand name and are the most in-demand.

7 Best N95 Respirator Face Masks

By December 10, 2020 4848 Views

N95 Masks filter 95% of harmful particles in the air that we breathe and are NIOSH certified (hence its designation N95 mask). N95 is a designation from the FDA that a respirator product meets specific filtering and protection guidelines. The FDA does not certify or even tests masks. Instead, they authorize N95 masks for sale after reviewing the manufacturer's data and proposed marketing and advertising claims. Manufacturers test their protective products for particle filtration, fluid resistance, flammability, submitting the results along with their marketing claims to the FDA. Presenting the top 7 best N95 respirator face masks by Burt Cancaster.