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Top 10 Best Pulse Oximeters for Home Use 2021

By November 24, 2020 19 Views

Pulse Oximeters are diagnostic tools that detect the pulse rate and oxygen saturation level of blood cells. These medical devices are screening tools that detect cardiovascular abnormalities. They find use in hospitals, clinics, and home care. Increased use of these devices at home occurred with the recent COVID-19 crisis. The devices detect when oxygen saturation levels fall below a healthy limit, notifying users that a trip to the emergency room is necessary.

Questions on How to Choose the Best Pill Organizer

By January 7, 2020 415 Views

Learn How Pill Organizers Can Help

Non-Adherence (not taking medications) is a big problem. Having the right pill organizer can help people take their medications and pills on time.

This article covers the strengths and weaknesses of different types of organizers and helps you choose the one that best fits your needs.

Medical Tape Tips

By January 7, 2016 3796 Views

Medically Edited and Reviewed by: Dr. Erin Zinkhan MD, BSBE

Updated: 05/5/2019

Tape may seem like an easy-to-understand topic, but the variety of medical tape available requires more explanation to help you choose the right product for your needs. When you put something on your body, you want to make sure it's right. Once you find the right product, it's also helpful to know how to properly use it.

Selecting Syringes and Needles

By April 21, 2015 5012 Views

Most of us can recognize a syringe, with a needle sticking out of a long plastic body. For many, it is one childhood horror that they can never forget! But while your early years may have been spent dreading a needle, your teens or adulthood might require you to keep a supply of syringes ready for a doctor prescribed medication. When you start your own family, you may need a syringe supply for a family member to treat a medical condition.