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Ostomy Information

Securi-T Ostomy Care Products

By May 26, 2020 450 Views

Securi-T USA, formerly Genairex, is a brand line from Hollister. This brand offers a complete line of ostomy products, ranging from urostomy pouches, wafers, ostomy power, stoma paste, adhesive remover, no-sting wipes, to drain closures and adapters.

Choosing an Ostomy Bag

By December 14, 2015 3512 Views

Ostomy Bags are often referred to as ostomy pouches or ostomy appliances. They come in three different types and with numerous options. The three types of ostomy bags are colostomy bags, ileostomy bags and urostomy bags. A colostomy is a surgically created opening into the colon through the abdomen. It allows stool to bypass a diseased or damaged part of the colon. An ileostomy is a surgically created opening into the small intestine through the abdomen.

Ostomy and Intimacy

By May 12, 2015 2934 Views

You can still continue to have intimacy in your life after an ostomy. As soon as you have recovered from the surgery, you may be able to enjoy sexual experiences just the way as you did prior to surgery. With the proper guidance, you will realize that it is actually anxiety and other people's opinion surrounding the surgery, not the procedure itself that complicates things in the bedroom.

Medically Edited and Reviewed by Dr. Erin Zinkhan MD, BSBE

Updated: 07/16/2019

Traveling With An Ostomy Bag

By May 5, 2015 3029 Views

Once you have become used to living with an ostomy bag, the daily life routine becomes easier to handle. Traveling with an ostomy appliance however, might require special care and attention, on an entirely new level. If you are planning to travel, there are some important tips you need to keep in mind, to ensure a hassle free and comfortable traveling experience.

Medically Edited and Reviewed by Dr. Erin Zinkhan MD, BSBE

Updated: 07/18/2019

Living With A Colostomy Bag

By April 21, 2015 2056 Views

Living with a colostomy bag can be an entirely new and sometimes hassling experience for a patient. After you recover from the surgery, you are sure to find many things that are quite different from what they were before, but there are some effective tips with which you can use to lead a healthy and happy life, even with a colostomy bag by your side.

Medically Edited and Reviewed by Dr. Erin Zinkhan MD, BSBE

Updated: 07/15/2019