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Top 10 Best Skin Barrier Creams for Incontinence

By January 21, 2021 863 Views

Three active ingredients common in skin barrier products are petrolatum, zinc oxide, or dimethicone. The best selling skin barrier creams include at least one of these ingredients, but some contain more than one. This article examines the best skin barrier creams for incontinence, identifying their active ingredients, pros and cons, and product documentation by Burt Cancaster.

Top Ten Best Adult Overnight Diapers

By November 18, 2020 1057 Views

Incontinence imposes a tremendous economic and social burden on society and poses a significant health concern. It affects one out of five seniors. Fear of detection by others is a significant incontinence issue. This fear includes multiple coping strategies by the incontinent to prevent sight, smell, and the occurrence of leaks. Being caught with incontinence while in public is such an enormous burden for many that they begin to avoid public situations. Many seniors find themselves regressing further and further into social isolation to avoid embarrassing moments. Extended wear incontinence products help reduce fear and restore confidence for the incontinent.

Top 7 Best Adult Pull-Up Diapers

By November 16, 2020 941 Views

Adult pull-up diapers, sometimes called protective underwear or disposable pull-ups, are absorbent underwear for treating incontinence. Pull-up underwear comes with an absorbent core, waterproof backing, and leg cuffs to prevent leaks around the legs. Advanced designs include an acquisition and distribution layer that wicks moisture away from the skin and transfers it to the core. The acquisition layer quickly dries to help keep the skin dry and healthy.

Top Ten Best Adult Incontinence Briefs

By November 10, 2020 827 Views

Enuresis products are not just used to protect clothing, bedding, and furniture. They protect dignity, lifestyle, and peace of mind. Advanced incontinence products go several steps further to wick moisture away from the skin to keep skin healthy and dry. The design of adult briefs allows caregivers to change incontinence products while the user is in bed or a wheelchair. The briefs open to lie nearly flat on a table surface. Tabs located on the sides allow for enclosing the briefs around the legs and torso. The tabs allow for an adjustable fit for the needs of the individual user.