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June 2016

Vision Aids

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Assisted Vision

Bieley Cell Phone

Vision, as defined by Merriam Webster, is "the act or power of seeing." There are many quality items in the public eye today that can help improve or maintain your vision throughout life, regardless of how poor or great your vision. Some can simply protect the eyes, others are able to sustain, assist or strengthen vision with constant exercise or with a supplement.

Protecting the eyes is very important to your vision. Constant eye protection leads to a healthier, more sustained vision. From young to old, poor eye sight or not, there are ways you can help yourself improve your eye sight.

According to the National Eye Institute, nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia) are common types of vision impairments. Protecting your vision in both cases is very important. When wearing glasses or contacts won't do, there are plenty of products available to help with day-to-day activities such as reading or looking at a map.

Nearsighted vision blurs when the object they're looking at is too far away. This could include something as simple as a cell phone. The Bierley BM-01 Big Button Cell Phone aids with vision problems by having big buttons for number 0-9, two buttons for star and pound, and two more buttons to accept and decline calls.

Poor vision can also turn something as enjoyable as reading into a big hassle when you need to have the material either very close or very far away from the eyes. There are several items available to help with reading. Among them include either a Handheld Dome Magnifier or an electronic magnifier.

A dome magnifier has a 2.5-inch dome and a wide base for easy handling. The dome can be placed on top of any reading material and makes the lettering up to four times larger. An electronic magnifier is a great tool that can expand lettering with a simple turn-on feature, has controls for LED lighting, and offers different color backgrounds.

Aldens Adjustable Glasses

Other electronic magnifiers such as the MPD 12 Mono Zoom Magnifier increase the print size and have multiple other functions such as a digital clock (displaying large numbers).

If you're looking for another aid, try the Adlens Adjustable Reading Glasses. These glasses range from a -6D to a +3D to help with most vision problems. While they are not considered a replacement for your current prescription, reading glasses are able to help maintain your vision.

Maintaining your vision is yet another way to keep the eyes healthy. One way to do that is to keep your eyes free from airborne clutter such as cotton and pollen. Eye drops typically have simple formulas that will clean the eyes by removing redness and irritation.

Other ways to help maintain your vision include "exercising" them. A good tool for exercising vision are pinhole glasses. These glasses have several pinholes to help the eyes focus through a smaller looking area. Doing so for an extended period of time can help strengthen the eye muscles, which could improve overall vision.

Pinhole Glasses

A final way to maintain healthy vision is to take a liquid or capsule supplement. Both the capsule and liquid form are easy to swallow and contain multiple vitamins and minerals to help maintain your vision.

Protect and help maintain your vision with any number of the suggested products above. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Vitality Medical team.

Resources: Merriam-Webster Dictionary, National Eye Institute - Myopia, National Eye Institute - Hyperopia.

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Father's Day Gifts

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It's that time of year again! Time to show Dad (or Stepdad, or Granddad, or any important father figure in your life) how much he means to you. Of course we know how hard shopping for Dad can be sometimes. All Pro Adjustable Hands Free Wrist Weights Because really, what do you get the father who already has everything? What if he's the guy who, when he wants something, just goes right out and buys it? So rather than succumbing to cliché and buying him another tie, this Fathers' Day surprise him with one of these great gifts that he probably didn't know he needed, but will be sure to add vitality to his life!


If you want to see to it that Dad stays fit and in shape this year, check out our full range of Exercise & Fitness products. The Seated Whole Body Exerciser, for instance, is an excellent way to achieve a low-impact, whole body cardiovascular workout. It is incredibly lightweight, at only 13 pounds, making it a great choice for both home and office, and its tubular steel frame ensures that it won't lose any of its luster when being transported.

The Adjustable Hands Free Wrist and Ankle Weights by All Pro are convenient, one-size-fits-all weights that offer progressive resistive exercise either at home or on-the-go. When added to a walk around the park or various aerobic exercises, these comfortable wrist and ankle weights can increase fitness benefits with little to no added effort. According to the American Council on Exercise, adding an extra 1 to 3 pounds of weights to a workout "can increase heart rate by at least five to 10 beats per minute and elevate oxygen consumption by at least five to 15 percent."

Irish Shillelagh Walking Stick

Speaking of walking, the genuine Irish Shillelagh Walking Stick makes for a more stylish and unique alternative to the average, every-day walking cane. Each shillelagh is individually handcrafted in Ireland from blackthorn wood, just like the original shillelaghs of yore, and as such are 100% one-of-a-kind. At only one pound, they are incredibly light weight while offering the ultimate in weight-to-hardness ratio for incredibly durable support.


If the shillelagh isn't quite the right support you want for Dad, or maybe it just isn't enough, check out the Full Body Pillow, which offers excellent comfort and support for a good night's sleep. Unlike other body pillows, this one provides complete support to the upper and lower extremities while also maintaining proper spinal alignment. Originally designed for individuals with fibromyalgia, this Full Body Pillow has become a favorite many adults and children, whether on the floor, the sofa, or curled up in bed.

While lying in bed, Dad can check out and relax with the Projection Dual Alarm Clock and Weather Monitor, trusting the time and weather are accurately projected onto the ceiling or wall just a few feet away. In addition to regular alarm clock functions, this unique alarm clock uses light detection to automatically display an LCD-lit time and temperature display whenever it detects ambient light. This is the perfect gift for someone confined to bed, as well as a simple and fun way to keep abreast of the time and temperature, making sure Dad's never late and always properly dressed for the weather.


For winding down after a long, hard day, there is nothing quite like a good foot massage. For that, we recommend the Reflexology Infrared Foot Massager. This excellent massager combines infrared heat with soothing vibrations to stimulate pressure points and penetrate deep tissue for the ultimate in relaxing pressure-relief. With its convenient remote control, its settings can be changed while sitting in place, while the rubber feet on the base keeps it stable and your floor free of damage.

The feet, of course, aren't the only thing in need of relief after a day's work. If Dad spends a lot of time in front of the computer screen, consider the Eye Massager. The Eye Massager utilizes a combination of gentle vibration, warming heat and mist to soothe and relax the eyes. By hydrating the orbital areas of the temples, the Eye Massager can not calms eye strain, but is an excellent tool for helping to calm headaches as well.

Infinity-it-8500 Massage Chair

If you want to impress this Fathers' Day, look no further than Infinity's line of massage chairs, such as the Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair. The Cadillac of massage chairs, the Infinity IT-8500 utilizes the same relaxation position that was discovered by NASA to help reduce the impact of rapid acceleration for astronauts during liftoff. While seated, the user can enjoy a veritable gamut of other luxurious options, such as being able to focus in on massaging specific areas of the body, spinal correction, lumbar heat, headphone port, and MP3 USB speaker technology. All combined, you are not likely to find a better and more relaxing massage chair.


Looking for something a bit more fun for Fathers' Day? Check out the Stanley Cup Popcorn Maker. Designed to replicate the real Lord Stanley Cup, this hot air popcorn popper makes up to ten cups of popcorn in under five minutes, all without the use of oil!

Dad might also get a kick out of the Only Indoor Rotisserie Turkey Fryer. Just as its name implies, this fryer is the only rotisserie fryer safe enough to work inside the home, and is strong enough to take on a whole bird! You won't believe the succulent, juicy meat this fryer produces, all in less time than a conventional oven!

Oilless Fryer

If that isn't enough frying, there's also the excellent, self-contained Oilless Fryer. Put anything into the Oilless Fryer and it comes out as crisp and juicy as it would with a traditional deep fryer, without all the messy oil and heavy calories. With this baby, Dad can fry up to four cups of restaurant-quality French fries at once from the comfort of his own kitchen.

Hopefully this has given you some helpful ideas on how to knock this Fathers Day out of the park. As always, if you have any further questions, our team at Vitality Medical is happy to help you out.

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Vitality Medical
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