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February 2016

SimplyGo Mini Review & Comparison

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RespironicsSimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator recently released a new, smaller portable oxygen concentrator named the SimplyGo Mini. Unlike its larger sister product, the SimplyGo, the Mini is a pulse flow concentrator only and does not offer continuous flow oxygen. This new oxygen concentrator gives Respironics the opportunity to complete with oxygen concentrators that are solely designed for the lightweight, pulse flow market such as the AirSep Focus and the Inogen G3. The SimplyGo Mini offers several advantages to the portable concentrator market that many concentrators do not provide. This concentrator study will review and compare the new Mini with its sister product the SimplyGo.

Comparing the SimplyGo Mini with the SimplyGo

SimplyGo Mini Features


Oxygen concentrator performance is the most important measurement to compare. The performance of an oxygen concentrator is all about delivering oxygen to the patient. The SimplyGo has the added advantage of 2 liters per minute of continuous flow oxygen that the Mini does not offer. However, comparing pulse flow oxygen between the two concentrators, the Mini offers a maximum 1,000 mL of pulse flow oxygen to the 72 mL of the SimplyGo. That is a huge difference of 928 mL. The oxygen concentration level ranges are similar for both models at 86 to 97% for the SimplyGo and 87 to 96% for the SimplyGo Mini. The maximum outlet pressure is significantly higher for the Mini at 20 psig compared to 5 psig for the SimplyGo. Both concentrators operate up to 10,000 feet above sea level. Simply put, the Mini outperforms the SimplyGo for pulse flow oxygen.


The second most important consideration in selecting a portable oxygen concentrator is the size. Oxygen patients want the smallest size and the lowest weight possible when carrying an oxygen concentrator with them where ever they go. The Mini is less than half the size of the SimplyGo at only 305 cubic inches compared to 690 cubic inches. The smaller size of the SimplyGo Mini also brings a much lower weight of only 3.9 pounds compared to the SimplyGo's 9.8 pounds. The smaller size and the lower weight make the Mini easier to carry and endure longer walking periods or just being away from home.

Operating Factors

SimplyGo Mini Components

The Mini and the SimplyGo share the same noise level of 43 dBA and average 120 watts of power consumption. However, the battery duration times are significantly higher for the Mini. The Mini can operate from a standard battery for 4.5 hours and 9 hours from an extended battery. The SimplyGo can operate for only 3 hours. It takes 3 hours to recharge the SimplyGo battery. Respironics does not provide the time required to recharge the Mini batteries. The longer duration time of the Mini battery makes it the best choice when considering operating factors.

Summary of the Mini and the SimplyGo Comparison

The new SimplyGo Mini offers better performance, smaller size and a much longer operational time, making it the best choice for oxygen patients who desire pulse flow oxygen. The Mini is reliable and durable. Batteries are easy to exchange when needed and the option of selecting a lightweight battery or an extended service battery is a welcomed feature. Equipped with an easy-to-read screen, the SimplyGo Mini is easy to operate and control. Accessories for the Mini include an airline cable for cabin operation, an external battery charger and a warranty upgrade.

Below is a chart comparing the differences between the two Respironics portable oxygen concentrators.

Respironics SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator

SimplyGo Mini

Respironics SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Flow Pulse Only Pulse & Continuous
Oxygen Concentration 87 to 96% 86 to 97%
Oxygen Outlet Pressure (psig) 20 5
Max Pulse Flow (mL) 1,000 72
Cubic Inches 305 609
Weight (lbs) 3.9 9.8
Battery Weight (lbs) 1.1 or 2.1 1.6
Operational Factors
Power Consumption (ave) 120 120
Noise (dBA) 43 43
Operating Altitude (max) 10,000 10.000
Battery Duration (hours) 4.5 or 9 3

SimplyGo Mini Additional Information

SimplyGo Mini Overview Video (2:47 minutes)

SimplyGo Mini Video (8:24 minutes)

SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator Video (1:53 minutes)

SimplyGo Mini Operation Video (1:11 minutes)

SimplyGo Mini Concentrator Menu Navigation Video (2:18 minutes)

SimplyGo Mini Cleaning Instructions Video (1:10 minutes)

Burt Cancaster, Author

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Adaptive Athletics Powering You Forward

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Adaptive Athletics & You: Powering You Forward

I had just turned 30, was a staple in every boot camp class, ran a 6:50 mile (not bad for a 200-pounder) and was gunning for my first mud-obstacle run. After a quick bicep and tricep workout on 7/4/11, I hit the trail for some miles. After a loud pop, I was stranded on the ground on a hundred-degree day. For an hour, I was helpless and alone.

An MRI confirmed that my L3-L5 lumbar discs had essentially blown out. After narrowly avoiding surgery, I was left, with among other things, one leg that is significantly shorter than the other. No more running, no more jumping, no boot camp. No more fun?

Fortunately, advances in medical supplies and technology have led to an onslaught of specialty Adaptive Athletics equipment, turning almost every "can't" and "don't" into a "can" or a "do." The growth of specialty equipment and Adaptive Athletic leagues has given me -- and those with even greater challenges such as loss of limb -- new avenues for socialization, confidence and fitness.

The variety of Adaptive Sports is simply amazing -- spanning from table tennis leagues to highly competitive wheelchair archery, wheelchair racing, sled hockey and power soccer. To broaden appeal and accessibility, several governing bodies have formed to ensure Adaptive Athletics are safe and gratifying. The American Collegiate Society of Adaptive Athletics, for instance, was started by a 14-year-old with cerebral palsy who wanted to ensure that young adults continue to access Adaptive Sports after high school.

Satisfy the Need for Speed

Eliminator OSR Racing Wheelchair

To support Adaptive Athletes, innovators like Invacare have developed specialty aluminum racing wheelchairs for top-speed on the track and MJM International has created an all-terrain wheelchair to get you back on the trail. While this purpose-built durable medical equipment (DME) maximizes speed and freedom, small medical supplies can make a big difference, too. For instance under doctor guidance, I relied intensively on the Adjust-A-Lift Heel Lift to offset unequal leg lengths and equalize foot strikes in the hopes of correcting my debilitating hip rotation.

Supplies for Adaptive Athletics can encompass more than overcoming limited or impaired mobility. A myriad of aspiring athletes and weekend warriors, for example, have questions about stomas and sports. Fortunately, stoma specialists, such as Hollister and Urocare, have products that mean swimming, saunas and even jogging aren't off limits for ostomists. For instance, UroCare's Uro-Bond III Brush-on Silicone Adhesive is formulated for moisture- and perspiration-resistance. This means that urinary and ostomy supplies, catheters and even breast prosthesis can be secured, giving athletes the confidence to power forward.

In addition to securing stoma supplies, several products have been developed to discreetly protect stomas whether you're poolside or about to hit the locker room. After a quick dip, C&S Pouch Covers' Quick Dry Ostomy Pouch Cover absorb excess moisture form a wet pouch. When the last goal is scored or the barbell's been stripped after the third set, Dry Pro's Waterproof Ostomy Cover keeps ostomy sites dry and bacteria-free within pools, spas and showers. Hollister has a few additional tips and insights on stoma safety/health for ostomists new to Adaptive Sports.

Mind on Your Body, Body on Your Mind: Adaptive Yoga

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, noted yoga scholar and father of modern yoga, famously said, "If you can breathe, you can do yoga." This notion has helped guide the emergence of Adaptive Yoga courses nationwide because the most vital piece of Adaptive Athletics equipment is... you.

All Terrain Wheelchair

Regardless of your ability -- one of the most sought-after Adaptive Yoga teachers has been paraplegic for the last 34 years -- there is a place for you in Adaptive Yoga. Whether simply experiencing the majesty of ujjayi (victorious) breathing from your wheelchair or the freedom of chakrasana (wheel pose), yogis are quick to point out: there is no perfect pose, only what's perfect for you. However, this flexibility (pun intended) within yoga practice opens the door to aids, such as foam blocks, that support those new to a posture, or help deepen the experience of the posture with a teacher's help.

While day-to-day medical supplies can help you adapt to sports, Adaptive Athletic supplies can be pricey for some. Recognizing this, several government, industrial and community groups offer scholarships and grants. Select manufacturers even provide low-to-no-cost equipment for those wishing to be brand ambassadors -- folks who positively promote brands and products at events.

Hobbling down the path to recovery, I've used my fair share of adaptive tools to adjust to new gym routines, physical therapy and Ashtanga Yoga. These aids have helped me cope with impaired mobility and the psychological impact it has on well-being. Although Adaptive Athletic equipment has become more advanced -- and even more accessible -- authentic effort, courage and inner-strength are what help you adapt the "cant's," "don'ts" and "won'ts" into, "can," "did" and "will."

To a life full of vitality!

Paul Garcia, Author

Vitality Medical
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Swimming With a Physical Disability

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Swimming is an awesome, all-around fun activity for people of all ages. It's widely known that swimming is not only a great leisure activity, but an excellent non-impact way to get exercise and improve health without risking injury as well. Swimming helps to:

  • Maintain a healthy heart rate
  • Relieves stress
  • Builds muscle strength
  • Builds endurance
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Aids in weight maintenance
  • Improves heart and lung strength

What about swimming with a physical disability? Can it still be done? You might be surprised to learn that swimming is actually one of the most popular physical activities for people with physical disabilities. In addition to the overall health and fitness benefits that can be gained, swimming can offer improved mobility, especially since the water helps to support the whole body, offering a wide range of motion when submerged. Being buoyant can also ease up tight or painful joints and tendons, providing excellent muscle therapy. With swimming also comes greater balance and agility since individuals can practice moving in water in ways that they can not on land.

Pool Lifts

Pool Lifts

One challenge for those with physical disabilities might be getting into and out of the water. Pool lifts like Aqua Creek's Revolution Pool Lift are an excellent addition to any pool facility to offer mobility help for making pool time easier. Available in both manual and automatic models, pool lifts can be used for both residential and commercial applications.

Automatic lifts are compliant with current ADA requirements; however, manually-cranked or -rotated lifts are not. In order for a lift to be ADA compliant, the user must be able to operate it without assistance. According to the 2010 ADA Standards, pools with at least 300 linear feet of pool wall or more are required to have at least one accessible means of entry, which can be either a sloped entry or a fixed pool lift.


Manual pool lifts are an ideal, affordable choice for home pools or spas. They operate via an easy-to-use hydraulic pump or manual crank and usually feature a comfortable sling-style seat. Aqua Creek's sturdy manual pool lifts, like the EZ Pool Lift are made from durable type 304L stainless steel and coated with durable epoxy powder coating to withstand years of use. They can work with in-ground pools and can be mounted above ground, and they can also be easily stored away in the winter time.


Pool Lifts

Automatic or battery-powered pool lifts like the Scout 2 make for an excellent, ADA-compliant addition to any rec center or pool facility. Automatic lifts will usually have a solid, submergible seat and a foot rest, though the foot rest is often removable, and can typically lift up to at least 300 pounds. Most importantly, they can be operated by the user, usually with a hand-controlled remote, both from the deck and in the water. The remotes will generally not require tight gripping, pinching or twisting of the wrists to operate and should be easy enough to use that require no more than 5 pounds of force to operate.

How to Choose a Pool Lift

Some important things to consider when selecting a pool lift include the gutter style of the pool, from roll out to recessed, bull nosed or raised, to the pool's dimensions from the deck to the water, as well as the width of the gutter and/or coping. You will also want to bear in mind whether the pool in question is above or below ground, which will affect whether or not you will want to anchor the pool lift. Most importantly, you will want to consider where the pool lift will be used. Is it for your business or is it for your home? If it is for a business like a public pool, spa, or rec center, then you will definitely want to make sure that your pool lift is ADA-compliant.

Once your lift is set up, you can be sure to enjoy hours of fun and therapeutic time in the water. Swimming is not only enjoyable and beneficial to your health, but is a great social activity as well. Regardless of what you are looking to gain from it, your pool lift is guaranteed to bring vitality to your life.


Jared Soper, Author

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