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November 2015

Portable vs. Home Oxygen Concentrators

By November 25, 2015 1838 Views 1 comment

Medically Edited and Reviewed by Dr. Erin Zinkhan MD, BSBE

Updated: 05/22/2019

Oxygen concentrators have become the oxygen source of choice, leaving oxygen tanks to older medical supply companies that still have them in inventory. Oxygen concentrators offer greater convenience and flexibility for oxygen patients. They are reliable, safe and offer greater freedom and independence. Some concentrators are highly mobile, operating from multiple power sources. There are basically two types of concentrators—

Picking the Perfect Catheter Alternative

By Paul Garcia November 23, 2015 2255 Views 2 comments

Medically Edited and Reviewed by Dr. Erin Zinkhan MD, BSBE

Updated: 05/26/2019

Fortunately, there are catheter alternatives that are discreet, sanitary, comfortable and economical. Let's review Vitality Medical's most popular incontinence supplies -- penile clamps, compression pouches, pads, protective underwear, muscle training and underpads:

Which Catheter Alternative is Right for Me?

How to Choose a Mobility Scooter

By Kristin Porter November 4, 2015 1226 Views No comments

Scooters make taking a quick trip to the supermarket, library or friend's house easy and most of all - fun. So, how can you choose the right mobility scooter for you? There are a few things that you will want to consider before you purchase a mobility scooter. Choosing the right mobility scooter will depend heavily upon a number of factors: level of mobility, budget and personal preference. The sooner you determine which scooter is right for you, the sooner you can start enjoying the ride!