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Bioflavonoids are a class of powerful biologically active plant-derived compounds. They are also known as flavonoids or phytochemicals responsible in creating the vibrant colors found in fruits, vegetables and flowers. There are over 4,000 flavonoids identified and classified according to its structure with tremendous health benefits.

Citrus Bioflavonoids health supplements derived from fruits have been attributed to cellular antioxidant activity in neutralizing free radicals. Research has shown citrus bioflavonoids maximize the effectiveness in vitamin C to be beneficial for capillary strength and defend skin from damaging effects of stress and pollution and perhaps even the aging process. This combination is why many brands of citris bioflavonoids supplements also contain vitamin C. Individuals on medications should take caution and make sure the bioflavonoid combination doesn't contain grapefruit extractions which can interact with certain medications and block enzymes that break down the medication that can have extremely harmful and even deadly results. Always talk to your doctor before taking a health supplement.

Bioflavonoids have been shown to have many health applications, support the immune system, have antioxidant protection and promote a healthy circulatory system. Popular citrus bioflavonoid supplements include compounds hesperidin- known for reducing appearance of age spots, rutin- for capillary health and neutralize free radicals, naringin- for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities, and quercitin- to reduce appearance of age spots, reverse wrinkles and signs of aging and even reduce spider veins.

Vitality Medical also has Alta Health Products supplement Silica with Bioflavonoids which combines trace mineral silica with bioflavonoids to maximize its benefits to promote healthy skin, hair, bones and nails.

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