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Big Button Phones for Seniors

Big Button Phones or large button phones are designed with seniors in mind so they can stay connected with family and friends. Vision loss and hearing impairments are two challenges that make traditional telephones and mobile phones difficult to use. Big Button Phones are the answer. A Big Button Phone for seniors is a landline phone with larger buttons that are easier to see and dial and easy to program for one-touch dialing. The adjustable volume control amplifies the caller's voice and boosts the ringer volume. A corded phone keeps it uncomplicated since the handset won't get misplaced and it doesn't require charging. These essential features keep seniors socially connected but are also an important lifeline in the case of an accident or emergency.

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Who Benefits From Corded Large Button Phones?

  • Individuals With Limited Dexterity
  • Individuals With Vision Loss
  • Individuals With Hearing Impairment
  • Individuals With Memory Loss


Features To Consider When Selecting a Large Button Phone

Large number phones support a variety of needs of seniors. Vitality Medical carries basic Big Button Phones to modern digital models with LCD and speakerphone features. Large button phones come in varies sizes and colors and with additional features. Check out the options below to learn more about the features that help seniors stay connected.

Emergency Speed Dial/One-Touch Pre-Programmed Buttons With Pictures:

Pictures with one-touch calling make it easy for seniors with memory loss to make a call. Seniors who have dementia or Alzheimer's can call emergency services or family members by identifying the picture.


  • Amplified Picture Care Phone has large photo keys to program up to 10 contacts. The dial keys pull off to insert a photo. It also has voice volume control, adjustable ringer volume, and is hearing aid compatible.
Picture Care Large Button Phone

Hearing Aid Compatible:

Seniors who wear hearing aids can utilize this technology which transfers the phone's sound to the hearing aid. Another benefit is that it removes some of the unwanted background noise to maximize sound quality.


  • Big Button EZ Touch Phone is hearing aid compatible with large buttons to dial or program for one-touch calling. The top three buttons located at the top of the panel are designated for a doctor and emergency contacts.
EZ Touch Phone

Corded Speakerphone With Caller ID:

Seniors have the option of communicating via the handset or the speakerphone. The speaker announces programmed contacts or any call if it is set up with caller ID service.


  • AT&T Corded Speakerphone announces the caller and flashes a light when a call is incoming. The speakerphone option allows hands-free talking. The Audio Assist button clarifies the caller's speech and boosts the volume to make calls easier to understand.
AT&T Speakerphone

Call Blocker Accessory:

This Big Button Call Blocker connects with a landline phone to reduce the number of unnecessary incoming calls and protect seniors from scammers. It comes with a programmed database to proactively block robocalls. By pressing the call blocker, unwanted numbers are easily added to lessen the number of solicitors and robocalls.


    • Panasonic Call Block Button features a large red button to instantly save an unwanted number to the call blocker. The electronic box comes with a pre-programmed robocall database to screen and block the call before it comes in.
    Call Blocker



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